Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun Music Friday: Ain't It Fun - Tia

I've always been a casual Paramore fan. I liked their music well enough but didn't own any of their cds. I knew their radio hits and a few other songs because Toya was a big fan and we used to be roomies. But at best, I respected what they did, but probably wouldn't go to a show. That all changed when I heard "Ain't It Fun."

I was SO behind when it came to this song. Apparently, it came out last year but I only heard it for the first time a couple of months ago. And it was so different from the Paramore songs that I was familiar with I didn't even recognize who it was. So color me surprised when I Soundhounded it and saw that it was Paramore. See here's the thing, I knew that the lead singer, Hayley Williams, could sing. But I didn't know she could sing like THAT. Real talk (do people still say "real talk"?) the first time I heard the song it was during the last chorus and I honestly thought it was a person of color. Hayley was SLAYING the vocals and with the obviously black BGVs and supporting choir, I just knew that someone brown was singing lead. I actually Soundhounded it twice because I thought my phone made a mistake the first time. Hayley DID THAT!!!

The radio/video version has a bit of the last chorus edited out which is kind of a shame because she really goes in during the last 1:20 of the song. But let me tell you, there are a few live versions floating around out there and that little girl is SANGING! I'm so for it.

This song made me go listen to the whole Paramore album on Spotify. And I can now say I am officially a fan. That album is amazing. Easily one of their best lyrically and vocally. And if they come through Atlanta, I will definitely be at that show.