Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stop Trying to Make Me Care! 6 Things I Need for the Media to Stop Talking to Me About- Toya

As much as I hate to admit it, I am a big fan of The Internets (no typo).  My social media activity has only increased since I moved back home.  I appreciate the fact that it helps me stay up in everybody's business keep up with the many people I care about. However, being online a little more than usual has me constantly inundated with things I'd totally be okay never hearing about ever again by the media. Here are the following things I need for the media to stop trying to make me care about once and for all:

1. The Kardashians:  Why? Just....why are we still talking about any of them?  And listen, I don't have a problem with them at all!  How could I be mad at a family that took a lemon of a sex tape (not that I saw it or anything) and turned it into lemonade, lemon meringue pie, lemon fresh Pine Sol, and a thousand acres of lemon trees for everyone in the entire family? I'm not mad at them. I'm mad at the media's obsession with them. Why are we still talking about them? We're not talking about Ray J. I don't get it.

2. Justin Bieber's...anything: Leave this child alone. I swear the media is just bored.  I really don't understand why the media is so obsessed with his demise. It's ridiculous. I do miss #MusicMondays from him though. Say what you want.

3. Real Housewives/Basketball Wives/Love and Hip Hop of Anywhere: Loooooook! It's one thing that people are fans of these shows. God knows I have had my guilty pleasures even though these shows aren't any of them. It's another thing when the media gets involved and tries to make it seem like this mess is for real.  Like, media outlets I actually respect talk about RHOA like it's real life. I don't see them talking about what happened on WWE the night before? What that's not the same thing? Oh okay.

4. Beyonce': Listen. Y'all have GOT to stop talking to me about Beyonce'. That goes for her husband, her baby, her daddy, her daddy's baby, etc.  She can't break a nail without it being all over my timeline.  Again, I have nothing but love for the sista but it's kind of like what Ghandi allegedly said about Christians. "I like your Christ but I don't like your Christians." I like a good bit of Beyonce's songs but her crazy ready to cut somebody fans?  Since a lot of them act like she died on the cross for their sins and rose on the third day to drop an album at midnight, I don't think that's an unfair comparison.

5. What any public figure believes about homosexuality: Y'all. Everyone is not down with everything. I really don't understand why the media needs to publicize people's personal views on the subject.  I also don't understand why people feel they need to have approval from a public figure on their view on homosexuality be it for or against. Someone isn't wit' it? Cool. It is what it is. Someone is all for it? Live your life. A celebrity wants to come out? I mean...I guess. A celebrity is gay but doesn't feel the need to come out or make a statement? Stop trying to out them! Let people be!

6. Sarah Palin's opinion on anything: Everything I have previously listed I am completely indifferent about. But Sarah Palin? Y'all have GOT to stop talking to me about what Sarah Palin has to say about ANYTHING. She infuriates me.  Why are they still asking her opinions about anything in life?! Sarah...Sarah...honey...listen. You don't get to quit your job and then tell other people how to do theirs. No ma'am. Stop asking her opinion on stuff. It doesn't matter anymore.

Other people's opinions who are also null and void: The opinions of Joan Rivers and anyone else who has any opinion on who is too fat to be successful and popular.

Well these are my gripes. What about yours?  What or who do you wish the media would stop trying to make you care about?

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