Monday, April 7, 2014

Man Crush Mondays: Jesse Williams - Tia

It would be EXCEPTIONALLY easy to objectify Jesse Williams. I mean, COME ON!!! LOOK AT HIM!!!!

I'll be the first to admit that there have been times that I've found it hard to concentrate on a particular scene of "Grey's" because Jesse has his shirt off. I feel that it's unfair of Shonda Rhimes to expect viewers to pay attention to the words coming out of his mouth when this is happening:

I'm a heterosexual woman with working eyes. Nothing else really matters when this is happening.

But Jesse being fine as frog's hair is NOT, I repeat, NOT the reason he's my MCM. (Well, it's neither the sole or primary reason.) I was recently catching up on my current number one girl crush Aisha Tyler's podcast "Girl on Guy" and Jesse was the guest. It was during those 90 minutes that I realized that this man is not just a pretty face. He's smart and funny. He's generous and a bit militant. He's basically an AWESOME dude who just happens to be in a pretty package. (If you're interested, you can listen to Jesse's "Girl on Guy" episode here. But be warned, it is NSFW. It's not pervy or anything. They just curse a lot.)

If for some reason you're insane and not already on board with the wonderfulness that is Jesse Williams, here a few fun facts that will help you out of your craziness and into the light.

1. He's been with the same woman for years.
Side Note: She STAYS giving me hair envy.
But don't get it twisted. She met him BEFORE he was famous. They got together back when he was teacher in New York. She's been ride or die for a minute. And from what I understand, she's a real estate broker. So she got her own, thank you very much.

2. He is ├╝ber smart and engaging.
I seriously want to encourage you to listen to the "Girl on Guy" episode. Prior to listening to it, I just assumed that Jesse Williams was just another pretty boy actor. I had no idea that he'd graduated from Temple with a double major in…two things that readily escape me (and that I'm too lazy to Google as I've taken a sleeping pill and am trying to finish this before I fall into a sleep that is centimeters away from being a coma.) Listening to him speak made me want to learn more about his abs (sorry) him so I did an infinitesimal amount of internet searching (it honestly didn't take much, he's quite popular) and stumbled across his tumblr. It is chock full of insightful reads and diagrams (and some giggle worthy gifs.) Trust me, it's worth your time and there are quite a few things that will make you think. (Side note: Smart brothas make me happy.)

3. He believes in justice.

It would be very easy for Jesse Williams to sit back and say nothing. Being vocal about polarizing issues can be very unpopular. And being an actor, I'm fairly certain that booking a job may very well come down to who's the most popular and least offensive. Who hasn't stepped on anyone's toes? Who's ruffled the fewest feathers? So to speak up adamantly and vehemently about the murder of a young black boy at the hands of a white man, may not win too many friends or influence too many people. But it is without question the right thing to do. I admire Jesse for his words here. And he's correct. We should ALL be outraged.

Now, if after all of this you can't understand why Jesse is my MCM, then you're dead inside and I can't help you.

Happy Monday Y'all!!

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