Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Music Friday: Electric Youth - Tia

I woke up with this song in my head and took it as a sign that it needed to be the Fun Music Friday song of the day. 

Like most girls my age in the late 80s/early 90s, I adored Debbie Gibson. There were Debbie versus Tiffany factions, but I didn't really subscribe to that. I didn't feel like you had to like one or the other. You could be a fan of both of them. They were giving me adolescent soundtrack realness and I appreciated them for that.

But I won't front. Style-wise I leaned more toward Debbie. I had the hat, the cut-off shorts, the black patent-leather tie-up shoes with the ribbon laces. Don't act like you don't remember those.

And like every girl at my school, I had the Electric Youth perfume. 
It was so pink!!
All I remember about that stuff is that it smelled sickeningly sweet. It was the "gotta have it" item for every pre-teen girl. God bless the teachers of my middle school. They were suffocated daily with the smell of Electric Youth, Darkkor Noir and pubescent hormones. And yet they still came to work every day. Treasures in Heaven…I have to believe that for them. 

I still remember every word of "Electric Youth." And though I was never the greatest dancer, I oddly still remember some of the choreography. This is what classic music does. It sticks with you forever. We won't remember the "Nae Nae" in 20 years (or 20 months for that matter.) But call me in a couple of decades and I will gladly sing you all of the words of "Electric Youth." 


melkel said...

Ahhh... The good old days. I sure did have those shoes! Wore them with everything too. Shake Your Love is on my Ipod.

Stephanie said...

I love this blog. I can always relate to what is written here. Seeing that bottle of Electric Youth has brought back so many great middle school memories. My grandparents gave it to me for Christmas. It really did smell way too sweet. The bottle was cool, though.