Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Challenge - Tia

This isn't the first time that I've attempted to do a 30 day challenge. But something Toya said to me yesterday struck a cord and subsequently lit a fire in me.

Yesterday we were doing a BFF phone catch up and we were discussing what's been happening in our respective lives. We've both been going through A LOT. And when my life gets full and exhausting, my first reaction is to shut everything out and binge watch Netflix. I don't want to be creative. I don't want to share my thoughts. I just want the inner dark and twisty-ness to go away.

I can't speak for Toya, but whenever my life takes a turn for the Meredith, the one thing I SHOULD be doing is writing. It's cathartic. And it keeps me from staying in the dark and twisty places.

Side note: I took the Grey's quiz twice at and got this both times:
The only saving grace here is that Meredith's life is SO much better than it used to be. So…you know…there's still hope.

Toya told me she had to ask herself, "Are you just going to give up on all of your dreams because nothing seems to be happening right now?" Dear readers, that was the spark I needed. I refuse to sit around and mope because things are so slow and unclear. YES, I've been in a dark and uncertain place for a while now. Yes, I'm genuinely afraid of a lot of things about the future. (I'm a planner, you see. And when my plans don't work, I often temporarily panic and crumble.) But I LOVE this blog. And I refuse to let it fall by the wayside any longer. This blog needs to be the one bright spot in my day. My plan is that even if my entire day is falling apart around me, I know that I can come here and vent or cry or share something mundane and I will feel better. BGLU will be my daily sanctuary.

But confession: some days I just don't know what to write about. So that's why I figured the best way to ease back into writing daily would be another challenge.

I grabbed this one from the interwebs because it was the least irritating and wasn't overly juvenile or personal. (Apparently, there are a lot of young oversharing bloggers.) And since it's already the 7th of April, I'll be doubling up on topics until I can catch up.

Also, I'd like to ask you guys to keep me accountable. I really need to do this. I need to stay creative. I need to make sure I have an outlet so that I don't remain in the dark places in my own noggin. So if a day goes by and you don't see a topic, hit the Twitters (@TiaBGLU) or the Book of Faces and guilt trip me until it gets done.

I have to go do my "pay my bills" job now, but I'll see you all shortly.

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