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30 Days of Blog - Days 3 and 12 - Tia

I mean, this isn't a bad quote at all. 
Day 3 - Favourite Quote
In recent years I've found that more people than I realized have a favorite quote or life verse from the Bible that they live by. I find that admirable. I've just never been one of those people who feels that any one set of words is applicable for all time. There are specific truths that I feel are immutable. But I think that certain things apply at certain times and other things at other times.

However, at the moment there are two quotes that I'm very much digging. I saw the first one as an email signature from one of my co-workers:

We are twice armed if we fight with faith. - Plato

To my knowledge Plato professed no particular faith in a higher deity. So I'm assuming this quote was in regard to fighting the struggles of life. But I can't be sure. I may have to take a Philosophy class this summer.

For me though, this quote from Plato is very timely. Recent months have caused me to have to fight for what I believe in, what I know to be true, what I hope will be. A family health scare, a job situation, a personal relationship. I've had to fight just to get through a lot of things and I've clung deeply to the faith that things will work out one way or the other. I've had to believe, in faith, that God has control of things and they will reconcile, maybe not in the way that I want, but things will resolve. So these particular words from Plato have been rather timely in recent days.

Grownups, comedians or not, realize that excellence requires not just early, but constant, unrelenting work and sacrifice and that reaching a peak does not mean you will stay there. - Aisha Tyler

Y'all know I straight up, unabashedly STAN for Aisha Tyler. The other day my brother told me that I'm just a shorter, lighter, less famous version of her. Aside from the fact that he felt the need to bring skin tone into it (so unnecessary, he knows I have dreams of chocolatier skin) it was the best compliment I'd most recently received. People want to be like Beyonce (her life seems overly tiring and lacks a privacy that a geeky introvert like me needs) or Kim K (no comment because I have nothing nice to say). When it comes to celebrities whose lives I would gladly take over, Aisha is at the top of the list.

That chick is a hustler. She's on Whose Line and The Talk. She has a podcast. She's the voice of Lana on Archer. She still does stand up. She writes books. (I'm currently reading Self Inflicted Wounds and you should be too. It's hilarious.)

 She tames unicorns* She's captain of the world's only all black water polo team.*
*These statements are still under review and verification is pending.

With that many irons in the fire you know that she is hustling every day. She's up early. She stays late. She does what it takes to get things done. And her drive is one of the many reason I admire her. It's the kind of hustle I need if I'm ever going to break out of my 9-5 and do something I love. Granted, what I thought I loved and wanted to do has changed but that's okay. The one thing that I love and refuse to let die is this blog. Will it make me famous? Who knows? (Honestly, I don't really want to be famous. Infamous…now that's another story.) But I want to be consistent. I want this blog to flourish. I want something I write to mean something to not only me but to the people who read it. That means I have to keep at it. It means I have to write even when I don't want to. It means that a mundane post about what's in my fridge may be all I write about one day but at least I wrote about something and I was consistent. If I want BGLU to be all that it can be then:

Day 12 - Favourite Childhood Book
Finally an easy topic!! My favorite childhood book is A Pocket For Corduroy. I have fond memories of my mother reading it to me when I was little. And I loved that the little girl in the book looked a bit like me.

As a child growing up in the early 80s, I didn't realize the significance of having a book where the lead character was of color. Race was never a big deal in my house. My parents were kind people who loved everyone regardless of color. But as an adult, I now understand how important it is for children to have relatable characters in literature and media. If you don't believe me, take a look at this and let your heart break.

I have a copy of Corduroy and A Pocket For Corduroy, along with a lot of other books that I loved as a child, in a box in my spare bedroom. I've bought them throughout the years with the hope that I can one day read them to a child of my own. I refuse to get rid of them and if things get desperate enough, I may "borrow" an unattended child from the grocery store and read to them. I kid…I kid…for the most part.

Happy Saturday BGLUers!!

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