Friday, February 21, 2014

Wanderlust - Tia

Screen captures from the places my phone seems to think I need to visit. 


a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

The lock screen on my phone is a TripAdvisor app that recommends travel destinations. It changes every 6 hours or so and some of the locations are just stunning. The only down side is that the changing scenery has stoked my wanderlust to a roaring flame. I am just dying to get away.

Although I travel a good deal for work, I rarely get to go to places that are exciting. For a while I was going to NYC pretty regularly. But that was about the best of it. Some of my destinations left much to be desired. I mean, there are parts of Indiana that I will happily never visit again.

Usually when I want to travel, I want to go someplace warm with good food. The thing that usually holds me back is not having anyone to travel with. Even being a professed and confirmed introvert, solo traveling is not really my thing. There's no one to talk to about the random thing you just saw/ate/did. You're not in any of the pictures because you don't have anyone to take them for you or be in them with you. And if you're not terribly outgoing by nature, it's unlikely that you're going to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, especially if you don't speak the language.

But here's the dilemma for me, I'm running up on 40 at an alarming rate. And I've been seriously considering joining team FullUtero regardless of marital status by the time I hit the big 4-0. (That decision is still pending as it is life altering and permanent.) But until I reach the big scary age, I don't want to just sit around waiting for life to happen. I don't want to look back in a few years with a baby on my hip and say, "I wish I'd used my vacation days to do something non-baby related."

So I've decided 2014 is the year of travel. I carried over a MONTH of vacation from work last year. That is the worst life/work balance ever. That many days essentially means that I did not take enough vacation last year. I'm not making that same mistake in 2014. My hope is that I won't have to go alone. But if I do, well dammit, at least I can say I went.

I want the BGLU family to keep me accountable. Thus the whole reason for this post. I even made a 2014 Travel Bucket List so you guys can periodically tweet, Instagram or Facebook and ask about the status of the trips. My hope is that the year will be filled with the following:

- A long weekend in Vegas
- A long weekend in Puerto Rico (I will also accept a long weekend in another tropical destination)
- ComicCon in San Diego (which just happens to fall close to my birthday)
- London at least once (preferably in the fall but I would also go at the year's end so that I can ring in the New Year with the Brits. Plus I'm dying to eat at Wagamama and Nando's.)
- Phoenix to see a friend I haven't seen in 6 years
- NYC with my dad. (Somehow my dad has traveled the world and never been to NYC. So I'd like to take him and let him be a tourist.)
- Costa Rica for Thanksgiving at an all-inclusive. (Apparently, that's the off season for them even though that's when the weather is the best. Go figure.)

The crazy thing is, if I budget my money and my time accordingly, I can do all of these trips this year. The beauty of being unmarried and childless is that you're also unencumbered with a bit of disposable income. So instead of being sad that I'm not married and my uterus is full of cobwebs (I make jokes to make myself feel better), I'm going to choose to enjoy my freedom. Drink wine on a Thursday and watch "Scandal." Why not? Sleep 12 hours on a Friday night. Sure. Randomly hop in the car and go to a skate event in another city. Of course. Why….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!


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Dee D said...

It sounds like you've got some fun trips planned so I hope you have a blast. I'm glad I found your blog.