Saturday, February 15, 2014

SHE'S FREE!!!! - Tia

I got the following text from HOMIE of HOMIES Brandon yesterday, "RUN to the nearest phone or laptop or fax machine or spaceship or whatever you need and go listen to the EP JoJo just dropped. I never want to sing again. Outsinging almost anybody that I can think of. Honestly."

As I am a HUGE JoJo stan fan I got myself to the nearest listening device. And let me just tell you, I GOT MY DAMN LIFE!!! Joanna Levesque is SANGING Y'ALL!!!! She is singing about her freedom and you can't tell me any differently.

For those not in the know, JoJo was finally released from the restrictive contract she had with Blackground Music. The contract, which was struck when she was 13, essentially left her in musical limbo for the better part of seven years. But, won't He do it, Atlantic Records promptly and wisely snatched JoJo up the minute she gained her freedom and new music is forthcoming.

And to whet our appetites or to say thank you to the fans or just give a middle finger to Blackground, this broad blessed us with #LOVEJO. While all of the tracks are, expectably, great, the stand out for me is "Take Me Home." Phil Collins is one of my musical icons. As such, I'm usually hesitant, underwhelmed and unimpressed when people sample/cover his music. But JoJo being JoJo, she slays the track. And in light of her recent emancipation, the lyrics take on a "freedom anthem" feel that I never noticed before.

"Seems so long I've been waiting/Still don't know what for"

"They don't think that I listen but I know who they are"

But this line…this was the line that made me straight up shout in my kitchen when I heard it:
"Cause I've been a prisoner all my life and I can say to you"

Signed as a child. Prevented from sharing the thing she loved the most with her fans. Unable to free herself from binding restrictions. Y'all, that lyric will preach to you if you let it. In my mind, the minute she signed with Atlantic, JoJo took a portable studio/stage to the front of Blackground Records and sang that one lyric with all her might and then walked away. (And until she personally tells me differently, that's how it happened.)

All kidding aside, JoJo is a powerful vocalist. She's one of the few defining voices of this generation. There are so few powerhouse singers out these days. Where are the Whitneys, the Mariahs, the Arethas? I feel like we have a lot of cute singers but we don't have a lot of VOCALISTS. I'm talking people with range who can blow without the assistance of AutoTune and the like. And THAT'S why I'm glad that JoJo is back on the scene. I'm ready and waiting for a studio album that comes and snatches my very edges from the roots.

I've said it before and I'll say it again…YAASSS JOJO YAAAAAASSSSSSS.

Oh…I got so caught up I almost forgot….you can download the EP here.

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