Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun Music Friday: Justin Bieber "Recovery" - Tia

Me: I went ahead and downloaded Recovery. That little Bieber boy is DOIN' IT and for that he can have my little coins. 

Toya: Yeah, he is giving me the slow jams I need and I refuse to be sorry. 

I started to title this post, "Be Mad" because folks are hating on Bieber about his slow jams. If you fall into the category of unnecessary hater, I cordially invite you to be mad and have several seats over there because I'm not here for you.

Bless him, Bieber managed to write one of the smoothest R&B jams that I've heard in a long time. And not once did he call a girl out of her name. People can be mad at this if they want to, but this song is what I look for when it comes to R&B music. He told a story (with a bit of man-begging which I always like) over a very smooth, well produced melody. What's not to like?

I'll grant you his vocals don't have a traditional rhythm and blues sound. Personally, I think his voice is better suited for pop music. But he stayed within his range on "Recovery" and didn't attempt any unnecessary riffs or yodels. This may not be the Justin sound we're accustomed to but he more than made it work.

I wish there were more songs out there like this. I wish there were more young R&B artists who understood the necessity of making good music that moves people rather than offends them. Every R&B song doesn't need a rap verse. Calling your girl your b!tch has never been endearing nor should it be taken as a compliment. And believe it or not, most of us don't want to hear about your bedroom antics set to music. Make good music. That's all most people really want.

But my hat is off to Justin for "Recovery." He put it down on this one. Any song that makes me want to bounce (and possibly arch my back a little) can have my money and my ear all day.

If you also feel the need to give Justin your coins, click here or here.

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Christina said...

I'm a Bieber fan though I don't understand some of his antics. Any song that samples "Fill Me In" by Craig David is after my heart cuz I love that song. I agree that JB does a nice job on the vocals and doesn't ruin the song with unnecessary vocal acrobatics. I dig it.