Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Songs of Summer 2013

Last weekend it hit about 88 degrees which had us walking around here in Nashville like it was still summertime.  As of right now, however, I am sitting on my bed typing this under almost every blanket that I own. It is officially fall y'all. With that being said, let's recap my favorite songs from the Summer of 2013!

I don't remember the last time I loved pop music as I have this year. This has been a good year for memorable pop tunes, so much so that I find myself listening to the radio now more than I have in recent years.  This was also a good year for guilty pleasure songs.

Side note:  By the way, I refuse to put "We Won't Stop" by Miley Cyrus on this list. I don't care how catchy it is. Nope! Not doin' it.  There will be no "dancin' with Molly" around these parts.

 Check out my top 10 faves in no particular order- well, except for the first three.

1. "Locked in Closets"- Solange

Oh my goodness, I LIVE for this song. Hear me? LIIIIIIIIIVE! I cannot tell you how many times I have just put this song on repeat and just left the room. If you can be in love with a song then I've got it bad for this one.  Above is the mini-video made for it by Absolut and Refinery29 and can we just talk about how Solange is the coolest thing walking right now? I am pretty sure if I ever met Beyonce' I'd ask her how it feels to be Solange's sister and if she ever raids her closet.

2. "Closer"- Tegan and Sara

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Let me tell you about the Molly Ringwald dancing that occurs deep down in my spirit when this song comes on.

Get it Molly.
Sheer unspeakable joy.  And they are SO cute! I've been hearing about Tegan and Sara for a minute now but they definitely got my attention with this one.

Now these next two are my absolute guiltiest of pleasures of Summer 2013.

3. "I Love It"- Icona Pop

Someone, who will remain nameless, said that this song sounds like drunk white girls. Umm...no comment. What I will say is that I do have a guilty pleasure for insanely girly tunes. This one fits the bill along with sounding bratty and obnoxious and guess what? "I don't care! I love it!"  And this may or may not be me in the car when this song comes on. I love Nick from New Girl.

By the way, have you ever heard of Robin Thicke's slow jam cover of this? Hilarious.

4. "Cruise"- Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly

The makeup of this song sounds like almost everything I'm against and yet I don't hate this song! I so wanted to but... *Heavy Sigh* I just can't help myself. And you know what? You can hit a real smooth Dougie during the chorus. You oughta try it sometime.

I'm happy to say that a few rap songs made my list. It's not that I don't like rap. It's that I love hip hop and rap is giving hip hop a bad name right now. However, these next three songs I absolutely love.

5. "Can't Hold Us" Macklemore and Ryan Lewis 

This song makes me feel like I can do anything!  Seriously, I feel like I can run up the City Hall steps like Rocky when this song comes on. It's so good.

6. "Power Trip" J. Cole ft. Miguel

"Would you believe me if I said I'm in love?"

*Insert body roll here*

I love Miguel's voice and this right here is one of my favorites of the year. Kudos to J. Cole for rhyming about a dude gettin' sprung. Love it.

7.  "LoveHate Thing" Wale ft. Sam Dew

This song just rides and Sam Dew's vocals are mesmerizing. Sick track. On repeat.

8. "Treasure"- Bruno Mars

Yaaaaaaaaassss Bruno! I was so glad when this song came out.  I will not rest until I have all of the choreography down from this video.

9.  "Primetime"- Janelle Monae ft. Miguel

I know that this song came out late into the season but it is hands down the slow jam of the summer. Period. Just forget about it. I don't know what Mariah's "#Beautiful" was trying to do but this record shut it down. If you haven't picked up Janelle Monae's "Electric Lady", I beseech thee to go to the nearest Target and get your life.

10. "Clarity" Zedd/ ft. Foxes

 Remember what I said about girly tunes? Yeah that. If you can sing the chorus to this song without making a face that looks like you are in excruciating pain then you are not doing it right.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I am not here for "Blurred Lines" anymore. Not since the VMA's burned this memory into my mind every time I hear that song now:

No thank you.

What are your favorite songs from the summer?

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