Monday, October 14, 2013

5 Things to Love About Janelle Monae and Miguel's "Primetime" Video - Toya

This video is giving me Peaches and Herb realness and I live!

In my humble music snobbish  opinion, Janelle Monae is everything that is right with the world right now. She is an amazing uber-talented visionary taking the industry by storm but not at all by their rules.  Her latest CD, The Electric Lady, is a grand masterpiece and one of those gems in that masterpiece is her duet "Primetime" with R&B crooner and fellow pompadourian (you're welcome) Miguel.  Here are five things I love about this video and song:

  1. Although I won't be participating this year, it is "primetime" for some cuffin' season songs and this one is my number 1 pick.  Before this and Alicia Keys' and Maxwell's "Fire We Make", have we even had any R&B duets for the past few years?  More of this please!
  2. I am absolutely crazy about how Janelle Monae's uses different variations of her signature look to keep her looking fly.
  3. Miguel's adorableness factor in this video make his "How Many Drinks?" song pretty much forgivable in my book. Bygones. 
  4. The party scene reminds me of how cool it is to have friends that know where the best and most random parties are. If this is what the Space Age is going to look like, I'll take it along with the flying car I was hyped up about as a kid while watching The Jetsons. 
  5. Although fictitious, Janelle Monae and Miguel are one of the cutest little pocket sized couples I've ever seen.  As a pocket sized person myself, I totally appreciate this. 
Youtube is being a hater so if you want to see the video, click here. It's totally worth it. To see if  Janelle Monae's The Electric Lady tour featuring Miguel is hitting your town, visit


Kesia D. Monteith said...

There were other great R&B duets this past year. Avant & Keke Wyatt, Fantasia & Joe, Melanie Fiona & Glenn Lewis....suggest you check them out :)

ToyaBGLU said...

Oooh thank you Kesia! I can't believe I forgot about that Avant & Keke Wyatt joint. I LOVE that song! I didn't know about the other two. I will definitely check them out.

Nida Ali said...

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