Monday, August 19, 2013

You Just Never Know - RIP Lee Thompson Young

I (Tia) was on a conference call, not listening as usual. People on these calls tend to rattle on and on and a lot of it isn't pertinent to me. So I was doing what I normally do when I get bored on calls: surfing the internet. I stumbled upon TMZ 2 minutes after they'd posted a story about Lee Thompson Young passing away. I honestly felt like someone punched me in the sternum. I couldn't believe it.

I immediately did a Google search. I just knew it couldn't be true. Because the story was so fresh (I mean they had JUST posted it) there were no other sources talking about it. For a few brief moments I thought it was hoax or a case of mistaken identity or something. Not Detective Frost. NOT JETT JACKSON!!! But then I started to see the tweets. And when CNN picked it up I knew it was true. My heart just sank.

Usually I don't care too much about celebrity deaths. It's not that I'm uncaring. I just don't know these people. I have no emotional investment in them. But for some reason Lee's death hit me hard. Maybe it was because he was so young. Maybe because after all of this time I still had a little crush on Jett Jackson. I don't know...I'm sure it's a bit of everything.

But I think the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that his death seemed so unexpected which makes it all the more senseless. I don't EVER recall seeing anything about Lee in the tabloids or anywhere else. For what I can tell he was a young black brother with a gorgeous smile and his head on straight. You never heard about him doing drugs, abusing women, running the streets. I just assumed he quietly lived his life and spent his Jett Jackson/Rizzoli & Isles money. But I guess you never can tell.

It's hard to know what people are going through. From the outside everything looked perfect. Good looks. A hit show. An amazing life. But something was tormenting him so much that the only solution he saw was the most permanent one you can make. Suicide is so final. So his friends and family are left to wonder what kind of inner demons brought him to this.

I understand wanting the anguish to stop. You just want a solution, ANY solution, to get over the despair, the hurt, that place of feeling utterly lost. But suicide ISN'T a solution. It's an outcome. A very final outcome. And while you may think it will solve your current situation, it will create an almost infinite number of problems for those you leave behind.

I'm sad behind this like I lost a personal friend. I have no idea how his family and friends are coping. I just pray that they will somehow find some comfort in the coming days.



DLishis said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I was thinking and feeling the same thing. It made me wonder who I need to talk to more, what I need to inquire about more, where I need to just look more.... I don't know. It was very sad indeed...and worrisome. Sigh...

Shaamora Harden said...

Thank you for addressing this. I was really saddened by his death too. As DLishis stated, I too thought about who in my respective circles could be dealing with some internal demons and are in need of a caring ear... some empathy. I also thought about how many young people that I've been hearing about committing suicide. People in this world are really hurting.
I pray his family and friends are comforted as they cope with this tragic loss.