Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Multiple sources are saying that NSync will reunite this weekend for a performance at the VMAs. Justin is to be presented with the Michael Jackson Vanguard award and unnamed sources (insert side eye here) are saying that JC and the rest of the gang will be joining him on stage Sunday night.

Now, y'all know I believe in this all day and twice on the Sabbath. NSync was the ONE bad that I never got to see live. I've seen The Police, New Edition, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, (unfortunately) 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. But I never got to see JC and JT in the flesh.

Granted, I won't actually be at the VMAs so I'm technically still not going to see them in the flesh. But they're back together for one night and that's going to have to be good enough. It's one thing to never get to see one of your favorite groups perform live. But it's another thing when you never get to see your favorite group perform live AND THEN they disband. A little part of your adolescent heart dies when that happens. So, of course, I am 50 shades of excited about this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be true.

I will say I have NOT gotten my hopes up for a reunion tour. JC has killed that dream on numerous occasions in multiple interviews. And Justin's The 20/20 Experience part 2 is set to drop and he's already got fall tour dates scheduled. (I've got tickets.) They have their own things going on and I GUESS I have to respect that. But for one night...just one...I may get to see one of the greatest boy bands of all time grace the stage again. My inner tween just passed out.

Happy Tuesday Y'all.


Christina said...

I completely understand not being able to see your favorite band live and then having them disband. That's what happened with me and NKOTB. I never got to see them back in the and then they disbanded. So I was crazy excited when they reunited and I have been to umpteen shows since the reunion.

I did get to see my other fave boyband, NSYNC, live before they disbanded and they put on a helluva show. I'm SOOOO looking forward to this reunion performance even if it is just for one night.

Lei said...

I am happy that I got to see them at least twice. Hopefully they reunite and you are able to get your wish. Hey I didn't get to see NKOTB until they got back together,and liike Christina have seen them a few times, so you never know. Keep hope alive.