Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Music Friday: Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Confession time: I (Tia) hated "Blurred Lines"when it first came out. And the video made me despise the song. I honestly don't know why I had such disdain in my heart for the track. Two different people emailed me the week the song came out to tell me how much they loved it and I completely SHUT. THEM. DOWN!!!! For whatever reason, I was having nothing to do with "Blurred Lines." 

The thing is, I couldn't go anywhere without hearing it. The gym. The radio. The airport. TARGET!!! That song was everywhere. I remember I saw the most random, tie-wearing, stuffy looking white guy driving down Peachtree JAMMING to the song. I mean, he was going in on a level that I had not recently seen. 

I don't know if the repetition wore down my resolve or if I just heard the song enough times to finally realize that it really is pop/R&B gold. Whatever the reason, I love the song now. 

Oh and can we take a minute to talk about how FINE Robin Thicke is? I mean, HOLY CRAP!!!!! Paula Patton gets to look in those eyes EVERY DAY!!!! That lucky heifer. 


There are so many parodies and remakes online. Some of them are hilarious (The Bill Clinton one is great.) Some of them are tragic. (You can search for those on your own.) But aside from the Sesame Street mashup, this version with The Roots and classroom instruments wins as my favorite. And Black Thought's shade to T.I. but can we get a remake with Black Thought instead of T.I.? It's just a suggestion. 

Hopefully, Jimmy and the gang will brighten your pre-weekend day like they have mine. Happy Friday Y'all!!!

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Jade said...

lol I have a crush on both of them (Robin and Paula. They are such an hot couple! Do you like his new album?!