Monday, August 12, 2013

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge Day 9

Day 9- How you hope your future will be like. 


Didn't we just answer this question? Okay, I'm officially protesting this question. I just hope the pieces of my life will come together. If you need to know more go back and read my day 2.

Yes, I'm seriously boycotting this question. 


How is this not different from Day 2?  I'll try to answer this differently then.

For one, I hope my future will include some better R&B music than what's being passed as R&B right now. I am listening to Troop's "Mamacita" on Music Choice's Throwback Jamz channel and it is slaying everything on the radio currently.

I am hoping that my future will be full of aha moments. Like "Aha! That's why I went through all of those setbacks." Or "Aha! That's why I kept running into the same type of guy for a good part of my 30's." Or "Aha! That's why I keep coming back to this type of career."

I hope that my future will make all of "this" that's been going on for the past five years make complete sense.

I'm hoping that my future will be filled with wonderful vacations and lots of hard work for all of the right reasons. I also hope that these things are in the not too distant future.

I had a friend of mine challenge me on where I am currently in life and something dawned on me. There are certain things I said I'd like to do once I got older. Umm...I am in my late 30's. Older is NOW. Without getting too specific, I am now a bit more open to do some things that I didn't think would happen until a little later in life.

In a nutshell, I hope that my future holds the best two thirds of the story.

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