Thursday, August 8, 2013

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge Day 8

"Today I didn't even have to use my AK..."

Day 8- The moment you felt most satisfied in your life. 


I am growing to loathe some of these topics. 

I remember right after college, I was living alone in my dad's huge condo. I was working at my first real job after college at this hoity-toity preschool. Y'all this joint was high brow. You had to have a four year degree in education or child psychology or something equivalent to work there. The place taught foreign languages to the Pre-K classes. And with the exception of the infant room, every other class from toddlers to Kindergarten had to submit lesson plans. This wasn't day care. This was SCHOOL for tiny humans.

Anyway, I was fresh out of school. My student loan payments hadn't kicked in yet. I wasn't paying any rent. And I only had 1 credit card. We've already talked about how much I love kids, so going to work every day to a classroom full of wide-eyed, mostly happy children combined with the accomplishment of being a college graduate with no real responsibilities...yeah, I was satisfied and content.

Oh sweet, sweet Tia. If you'd only known what lay ahead of you. If only I could have warned you...Actually no. I take that back. Even if time travel was real *coughItIscough* and I could go back in time and give myself a heads up about the realness of life, I wouldn't. I wouldn't crush my own spirit like that. I haven't been that happy and content since. I was young and idealistic. Life hadn't had a chance to sucker punch me in the throat. I wasn't jaded. Oh to go back to those days.


I can't think of just one specific moment where I was most satisfied with my life. I can think of a few moments though so I will just recap those:

1. Whenever I have coffee and a heart to heart with any of my musician friends and help them reach an understanding about their place in the world. Definitely when I feel the most in my element.
2. When I am traveling alone  in New York City with a backpack and I walk blocks for hours.
3. Riding in the car with my childhood friends in NYC listening to 90's hip hop. Sooooo fun! So right.
4. The moment when I am media coaching or encouraging someone someone and the light bulb goes off in their mind. I love that.
5. There's an old school hip hop night that some guys I know throw in town that I go to and I dance like I have lost my entire mind. Everything is right in the world when Big Daddy Kane is on.

All of these moment feel like when a record needle finally meets the groove and just rides along.

So let's review: I am most happy in big cities, working with artists and listening to music.

*Looks awkwardly around*

I need to make some new life decisions clearly.

So tell us your story. When have you felt the most satisfied with your life?

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