Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge Day 6

Day 6- Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. 

1. I have small feet for my height. I'm almost 5'10 and my feet measure a size 8 in length. But because they're a bit wide I usually end up in a 8 1/2. I can wear a little boys' size 7. I found that out last Christmas when I tried on a pair of kids Jordans' and thus began my sneaker habit.

2. I have a birthmark on my left calf in the shape of a crescent moon and as a child that was all of the proof I needed that I was princess and my real parents were a king and queen.

3. I don't believe in "the one" anymore.

4. I can't eat diary and I freaking LOVE cheese.

5. I think people who put their kids in child beauty pageants are bad parents. And I secretly judge anyone who watches Toddlers and Tiaras.

6. The last 6 books I've read have been Young Adult Fiction.

7. I will never be a part "natural hair" movement. It has nothing to do with self-hate and everything to do with laziness. But more power to the girls who do it.

8. I am a fan of gingers.

9. I am not a good dancer and I'm okay with that.

10. When I get home after a long day I usually take off my clothes and just sit in my underwear on my couch for a while.

11. I only have to shave my legs once every couple of weeks. And I only have to shave to the knee.

12. I JUST starting watching Breaking Bad. I'm SO late, I know.

13. I'm secretly jealous of girls who are taller than me.

14. When I make chocolate cookies for other people I always make a couple of cookies for myself without chocolate chips. Basically, I like chocolate chip cookies with out the chocolate chips. And NO I don't mean sugar cookies. Those are a totally different recipe.

15. I have a stuffed Winnie the Pooh that I've had for at least 20 years. Up until very recently I used to sleep with it. (Yes, still. Don't judge me.) But it was starting to have a Velveteen Rabbit feeling to it and I was afraid I was going to catch dysentery or something. So he now resides in the closet.

16. When I'm not on the road, I work from home. Sometimes I don't shower until like 4PM and most days I don't put on pants until after I shower. (I just realized I spend an awful lot of time in my underwear when I'm at home.)

17. If I think about eternity for too long (on and on, with no end to time or space) I start to have a panic attack. The concept is so foreign and unfathomable to me. The thought of something NEVER ending...okay I have to stop typing now.

18. I JUST starting watching 24. So if you're keeping track, I get on board with TV shows late.

19. I'm secretly a little jealous of Toya's curly hair.

20. I have a box of children's books that I've purchased over the years that I wanted to read to my kids. They're in a box in the spare room downstairs. I'll probably never get rid of them even if I don't end up having kids. I'm selfish like that.

21. I subscribe to the 3 second rule.

22. I have toyed with the idea of getting a British themed tattoo for a really long time. But it seems a bit much since I'm not actually British, don't live in London and don't have a British XY partner. But a Union Jack/Mind The Gap/Phone box tattoo has crossed my mind more than once.

23. I'm struggling to find 8 7 more interesting facts about myself.

24. I have never seen the original version of Sparkle. It's been in my Netflix queue for years though.

25. I know very little about any rapper from about 2002 - on. Seriously, what's an ASAP Rocky?

26. Just about every girl I know loves The Notebook. I don't. I've seen it once or twice. It gets a resounding "Meh" from me.

27. Now Love Actually...*sigh* Hands down my favorite movie. I could sit on my couch every Saturday night and watch it. Crazy, Stupid, Love. is a close second.

28. I'm not a violent person. But there are a handful of people that I would love to dole out a proper ass whooping to.

29. Breakfast is my favorite food. Not my favorite meal, my favorite food. There is NEVER a bad time to eat some sort of breakfast related food. And if you don't believe in God, bacon should EASILY convince you of his existence.

30. The other day I was flipping through the channel guide and saw that 17 Again was on. I'm not ashamed to say I did a quick  IMDB search for Zac Efron to see if he was old enough for me to have a crush on him. I try to keep my celebrity crushes age appropriate.


THIRTY??? Good grief...
  1. I love music. There is nothing that has influenced my life more. My knowledge of all different types of genres even freaks me out, let alone others. I can have a conversation with just about anyone about music. I hear symphonies in thunderstorms. I guarantee you that God is a jazz musician.  
  2. I have never been in a real adult relationship. I've dated before but nothing committal. I had a best guy friend that we just swore it would be us and someday we'd be married so I never really took too many other guys seriously. I decided one day that us together would be a bad idea and now we don't even talk.  He is currently married. I don't regret my decision but daggone! 
  3. My grandmother, who was my HOMIE, died a few years ago. The only thing that keeps me from being torn up about it on a consistent basis is that I tell myself often that I owe it to her to be everything she showed me that a lady is supposed to be. Suck it up and carry the torch.  I have to respect her legacy and move on otherwise I'd be in a corner somewhere sucking my thumb.
  4. I may/may not have had a crush on Tony Danza from Who's the Boss (and Taxi-showing my age there) when I was in about 4th grade. There is something about New York Italians. I have no idea why I am so attracted to them. In other news, Joey Fatone was my favorite Nsync member. It all makes sense now. 
  5. For a brief period, I DJ'd in an all girl hip hop group. I had Technics 1200's and everything. It was sooo fun...until we got signed. "Industry rule number 4080..."
  6. Although I am a very outspoken person now, I used to not stand up for myself at all and was quite the follower. I don't know exactly when this changed but that's not the case at all now. I am very direct. One thing you will never say about me is "I think what Toya meant was..." Oh no. I am very clear.
  7. I still remember where I was the first time I heard Luther Vandross. He was is my favorite singer of all time. 
  8. I have about four pairs of black shoes because I really hate wearing shoes and never know what to get. 
  9. I have freakishly strong legs. 
  10. I peeked at Tia's list even though I said I wouldn't. Just the first few items. I got this from her: whereas her feet are small for her height, mine are terribly large. I am 5'2 and am a STRONG 9 1/2. Where is the justice?
  11. I am a daddy's girl to the fullest. He is that dude! I have learned the true meaning of forgiveness through my relationship with my dad. People really can change and we need to give them the grace to and not throw old stuff in their faces when they do. It's not right. 
  12. I am naturally drawn to introverted people because I like to make them laugh. 
  13. I have naturally curly hair. Like...really curly. 
  14. When I was a little girl I thought it was cool to be a receptionist. Now after many years of experience I can say never, ever, ever, EVER again. Thus why I love Pam Beesly from The Office. I get her and her love for a good comfy cardigan. Aaand a goofy best guy friend like Jim who turns out to be the love of her life. If this boring job leads me to that then to God be the glory. 
  15. I'm from New Jersey and not New "Joizy". I'm from South Jersey right outside of Philadelphia. I am a city girl at heart and would love to live in a big city like New York for at least three months. I'd also like to live in South Africa temporarily.
  16. This is kind of 15a.: I am most comfortable in crowds. I can sit in a crowded bar with some good music by myself and feel just as relaxed as I'd be in my own bed. Sometimes I just need to be around noise. I often can't get started on a writing project alone either. I always need a steady hum of noise around me.
  17. I have a big heart for creative people,specifically musicians. I don't quite know why but I always have.  I wanted to be a road pastor for some time. What a great way to see the world!
  18. Anytime I think that God doesn't have a specific plan for something, I think about Tia's and my friendship. It's that amazing of a story. And we got to meet New Kids on the Block together so there's that. Bonded for life.
  19. I didn't see Thriller until I was about ten years old and I think I was six when it came out. I was such a scaredy cat as a kid. My parents said I'd be terrified and I believed them. To this day, I close my eyes when MJ turns around with those scary cat eyes. Uh uh. 
  20. There are three foods I will never ever turn down: cake, pizza, and a homemade Rice Krispy treats. I don't care what's going on. I'm doing that. 
  21. My favorite color changes often. Right now I'm into black and white patterns. I know that's not a color. Leave me alone. 
  22. I look really young for my age. Most people guess me to be ten years younger. I attribute that to good genes and no kids.
  23. I love naps so much that I could run down my top three naps of my lifetime. Not kidding. Three...EPIC...naps. 
  24. I have to sleep on airplanes because 1) I don't like planes and 2) you can catch a really good nap on a plane (see #23).  I always pick a window seat to lean into.  I also put a blanket over my head because I sleep with my mouth open and The Internets are real.  I have done some terrible snoring on planes. Hint to know if you've been snoring: if you wake up at the end of a plane ride and the person next to you is smirking and can barely look at you. 
  25. I am good at a good number of things. I am not bragging about this because it is actually a problem. It makes it difficult for me to pick which thing is best for me to do. At the end of the day, whatever I do is going to involve music in some way. Although my fantasy job is to be a travel host. 
  26. I used to be incredibly insecure about my body-always feeling a little less than a woman because I didn't get some umm..."accoutrements" that a good number of my friends have. My mom helped me out by saying this: "Toy if you were busting out all over you wouldn't be you because you'd be self conscious about why men talk to you." She's right. I'd hate it if guys always looked at my boobs or my butt as I walked by. But if I could just have one day where I was shaped like Beyonce or Janet Jackson, I would spend that entire day making grand entrances and grand, VERY grand, exits. And that is why, ladies and gentleman, I am barely a C cup with a flat booty, an outgoing personality and the only thing big on me is my smile. So be it. 
  27. The bravest most exhilirating thing I have ever done is perform Beastie Boys "Sabotage" with a friend's rock band. I have never felt more badass and more scared in my entire life. It was a cover song show and I was the only non-artist there. When I tell you I gave my ALL for MCA that night...

Best. night. EVER. I'd do that every night if I could.

28. I am absolutely obsessed with pinup girl, Bettie Page vintage type clothing. Red lipstick, head scarves, polka dots? LOVE. IT. Never seen Mad Men though. Odd. I hear I'd die over the clothes. I also will wear anything that looks like Willona Woods from Good Times would wear it.  I'd dress a lot differently if I had more money and didn't have an office job.
29. I can't stand when I think people are mad at me. I really can't unless it's for something really stupid that I think they need to get over. But when someone is mad at me because they've read me wrong or took something I said wrong, I can actually get a bit choked up because I hate being misunderstood.
30. I may/may not think that God made Gerbera daisies just for me. They are the perfect flower. Roses are nice but Gerberas are perfect.

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