Saturday, August 3, 2013

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 - Your views on drugs and alcohol


I hate drugs. I hate drugs of any kind.  I have never done any and I attribute that to the fact that the people who have offered me drugs have often looked like the poster children for why you shouldn't get started in the first place. I especially hate marijuana, I don't care if it is "from the earth".  People abuse it so much that it becomes their entire life! I truly believe that there are sooooo many people addicted to marijuana that have no clue that they are. Oh and a little aside on why I detest it: the fact that it can take an absolute beautiful looking brotha and give him the ashiest black lips. Stop y'all! Just stop!

As far as alcohol is concerned, I love the science behind wine and craft beer. I think it's cool and I have friends that are really into it. I see no problem with it as long as it is handled responsibly. I will say however that this year I feel like I have a better understanding on why people abuse drugs and alcohol. When I was struggling with depression I started to understand the need to feel something... different. Anything different than the pain you are feeling.  This is the first year that I've kept wine in the house (I prefer red) and I have had to be careful not to cross the line. Because I have never been a heavy drinker, crossing the line for me is more than two glasses. I should definitely know better because like a lot of us I have a history of addiction in my family. It's a scary thing.

I don't care what the addiction is be it food, porn, gambling, whatever, I just wish people were more honest with themselves about it.  If you can't go one day without it there is a problem.  Well, clearly I am not talking about food. We need food. You know what I'm saying.  There are people I know who will put themselves in risky situations to smoke marijuana everyday. It makes no sense. I know that there are plenty more drugs that are more harmful but because of my personal interactions with potheads that I know and love, marijuana happens to be the thing that I hate the most.


I used to date one of the biggest pot dealers on my conservative Christian campus. He was all about the "don't get high on your on supply" rule but he let me smoke as much as I wanted. His roommate Chavez and I used to get high and watch Friday and The Fifth Element. Then we'd make a run to the Quik-E Store and get Ho-hos. And that's literally all we would do. Smoke, snacks, movies. Could we BE more cliché?

The thing about pot is while it's not a physically dangerous to your body as other drugs (as far as I know) it seems to robs you of all ambition. I was unmotivated to get off of the couch when I smoked. The only time that changed was when I wanted a Ho-ho. Other than that it was just me, the couch and the movies. I think the fact that you care so little about everything is the most dangerous thing about marijuana. Well that and the carcinogens in the weed and how it wreaks your lungs.

Because I work in medical research, I do understand the LIMITED medicinal use of marijuana for people with EXTREME chronic pain or who are going through chemo. I can truly see the argument for the drug's justified use. (For people with anxiety disorders or PTSD...yeah, not so much. And I'm not those aren't legitimate conditions. I'm saying those legitimate conditions can be treated WITHOUT pot.) And I'm also in the "legalize it" camp not because I think pot should be everywhere for everyone. But because statistics show that minorities are more likely to be arrested and given harsher sentences that whites for marijuana possession even though the groups use the drug at similar rates. I'm of the mindset that instead of the war on pot, let's try to combat the more serious crime out there.

With regards to other drugs, I feel like you have to be CRAZY to start using drugs. I'm aware that that is not the most compassionate view point. And if someone is on drugs my heart truly goes out to them. But with all of the PSAs out there, with all of the meth heads around, with all of the scary-ass side effects, I just don't understand how anyone could start using drugs. But I'm quite certain that no one thinks, "I'm going to get strung out, ruin my life and possibly stop my heart and die" the first time they do coke. I know there's more to addiction than I could ever understand. But that being the case it just seems easier to NOT start.

Now as far as liquor...hmmm...

Every box that I unpacked that was labeled "Kitchen" had booze in it. Pots and booze. Plates and booze. Tin foil and booze. I had a lot of liquor. Some of it had come from multiple parties I'd thrown. Some of it was stuff I'd purchased. Whatever the case, I had so much that I tipped my movers with money and booze.

Believe it or not, I don't drink a lot. (I'm sure that last paragraph would imply otherwise.) I'm fine with the occasional drink. But my rules for drinking are simple: Don't drink and drive. EVER. Buzzed driving or otherwise. Cabs are easier than death. Don't drink until you're drunk and out of control. That's not a good look. Don't drink until you puke. That's just ridiculous and puking is bad form. And don't drink cheap stuff. It gives you a headache and makes you sick, thus causing you to break the previous rule.

Honestly, I don't have a problem with alcohol. But like any other drug, my problem comes when people abuse it. A glass of wine with dinner is fine. Three bottles of wine with dinner makes you an alcoholic or Fun Bobby.

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