Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge Day 12

How cool would this be though?!

This entry will just have Tia's part because Toya was dead to the world after wisdom teeth surgery. If she participated, there would be only one bullet point: Sleep. 

Day 12: Bullet Your Entire Day


Y'all are about to see how boring my life is.

- Woke up at 5:42 (Not on purpose)
- Read The Word/Prayed
- Physical therapy for my knees at 7:30
- Working by 8:45
- Bowl of cereal at 10:45
- Back to work
- Made a Target run at 1:00
- Back to work by 2:00
- Ate a salad at 2:30
- Still working at 5:30
- Cleaned house at 6:30
- Bowl of cereal for dinner. (I need to go grocery shopping for real.)
- In bed at 10.

And with the exception of a kicking boxing class thrown in around 5:30 or so, that's pretty much how most of my days go when I'm not on the road. Now you see why I need to figure out what I'm doing with my life and get to doing it.

Anyway, that's my whole day.

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