Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge Day 10

Day 10- Discuss your first love and first kiss. 


I feel like this is going to make me sound really fast but I don't remember my first kiss. I think it was with a neighborhood boy when I lived in Houston. I was maybe 6. It was one of those innocent things. I'm pretty sure I went back to playing with my Speak&Math afterward. Yeah, I think that was my first kiss. I can't remember. Whatever.

My first love...that depends. Are we talking first childhood love? First high school love? First adult love? My first childhood love I remember vividly. Mostly because he had 6 fingers on one hand. Yep, that happened.

His name was Eric. I met him at church. Our moms were friends so we hung out a good deal. We weren't more than 9 or 10 years old. So the extent of our "relationship" was playing video games and holding hands. And before you ask, I always sat on the side with the 5 fingers hand. Holding hands with the 6 finger side was awkward.

There wasn't a lot of physical contact because 1.) we were 10. 2.) my 13 year old cousin had recently gotten pregnant. While I didn't quite understand all of the logistics of sex, I didn't want to do anything that would make me as uncomfortable as she looked or get me in the amount of trouble she got in when her mom and the rest of the family found out. So all poor little Eric got to do was hold my hand and get beat by me at Pac-Man on my Atari 2600.

My family moved away that summer and I remember being really sad and missing Eric a lot. I was an AWKWARD child. I wasn't particularly cute. I definitely wasn't coordinated. I was smart and shy. But Eric didn't seem to mind that. He asked me to go with him (remember when people used to go together?) in spite of my weirdness. I think there's something sweet and pure about most first loves. And I'm honestly glad I got to experience that.


Oh boy. I don't even really want to talk about this.

I'll just say this. I am pissed that my first kiss did not happen with my first love. I got GIPPED on my first kiss! It was so random and gross by a ....boy! Just a gross little boy. I was somewhere at somebody's house as a kid, around 11 years old I think. We were all playing games. I wound up in a weird part of the house and this boy kissed me so sloppily and so gross!  I remember being like "No no no! This was not supposed to be IT!"  Total first kiss fail.

And this is why I only count the first kiss with a guy that I truly loved as my first. It came about 8 years later on the doorstep of my house one night. It was actually a lot like a movie!

Two star crossed lovers on a summer night saying good night after an evening of movies and ice cream

Boy walks girl to door.

Girl kisses boy on the cheek.

Boy asks "Question: why is it that when you kiss me you always just kiss me on the cheek?  It's never quite on the lips."

Girl ponders for a moment on how her actual first kiss was the pits and how this perfect evening may actually make up for it because she actually adores this guy and his pillowy lips (no really I actually stopped, looked up at the sky for a moment and thought about this)

Girl gives him the sexy eyes, takes him by the hand and says, "Well come here."

They kiss.

It's awesome.

Guy slips her the tongue. (Really dude?!)

Girl immediately calls it a night and can't get on the other side of the door fast enough.

Girl runs up the steps, collapses on the floor and giggles in complete and utter hysterics.

Boy calls girl 45 minutes later and tells her that he can't stop thinking about it.

*Let me just end the story right there. If I actually tell the very end of this story, this part won't be so sweet*

The End.

It was so sweet and it was completely up to me. Except for the tongue part. Guys can really get so carried away sometimes. I mean, good grief, my dad was inside and he has guns.

But yeah, it was awesome.  Best kiss ever to this day. *Giggling*

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E. said...

Toya. Girl, please. You minus whale tell the end of the story. *nosy* lol

I got sneaked out of my first kiss too. Guy I grew up with sneaked one on me at the water fountain at school. smh