Monday, July 22, 2013

When My Homies Call: What Tia Has Taught Me About Friendship

So this week is Tia's birthday (TURN UP! Sorry...) and it has caused me to be a bit reflective on our friendship.When I think of all of the stories I could tell about our friendship, it's difficult to find one that doesn't a) incriminate anyone and b) would fall flat on whoever read it because chances are you just had to be there. But if I had to pick one story that was indicative of how good a friend Tia has been to me, I think the following nails it.

Does anyone remember that summer when gas prices were as high as a giraffe's booty (that is one of Tia's favorite sayings by the way)?  I mean, it was HIGH. Anyway, our local radio station ran a contest where they gave out clues for the location of a gas station that was selling gas for I think 10 cents a gallon (may have been 25 cents). Rarely can I make it up out of the bed early for any good reason but I was pretty broke at that time and I knew I needed to be in that number. So I set my alarm clock and sat close to the radio to hear the clues as to where the gas station would be. Once I figured it out, I drove down there in the middle of August with no air condition and less than a quarter tank of gas. It wasn't too long before I found out that I was not the only genius that figured out where the gas station was because there was a long, LONG line of cars waiting for gas.

Y'all. It was hot. HOT. Not only was it hot out there but I hadn't eaten that morning. Anyone that knows me for real for real knows that I do not function well AT ALL when I need to eat. My attention span is nil and I can kind of get in a panic. And get in a panic I did when I drove up to the tent where they had Krispy Kreme donuts only to find out that they had ran out.

Me: But...they said there would be donuts!
Krispy Kreme Man: I know. I'm sorry, we ran out.

See? Panic.

When I thought about the situation as a whole, it then occurred to me that I had pretty much done the dumbest thing I had done in a really long time. First, I went out there with almost no gas. Secondly, I went out there on the hottest day of the year with no air condition and no gas. Thirdly, I went out there on the hottest day of the year with no air condition, no gas and no food.  "Oh my gosh this is not going to end well" I thought. They are going to find me waiting in this car like Miss Sophia in jail.

"Sat in that line.  I sat in that line til I about rotted to death..."

(If I've said it once, I've said it a million times.  The Color Purple is always relevant. Always.)

So of course I called Tia, the only person that I would not be embarrassed enough to tell that I did something so dumb.  Tia is one of the least judgmental people I know. I could do something really dumb and most of the time she will find a way to make it seem like either I didn't know better or that I just made an honest mistake.  I say most of the time because real friends will put you in check when you really need it and she definitely has. Because I was delirious, I don't quite remember what I said besides "this is pretty much the dumbest thing I have ever done in my lifetime."  I remember panicking thinking what if they ran out of gas before I got there and I was just stuck. I talked to her as the line moved slowly along and she offered to bring me something to eat. I had no idea how she was going to find me in that long line of cars but of course I said sure. 

It wasn't too long (maybe it was because I think I may have indeed passed out at one time) until I saw Tia walking towards my car with water, some snacks which included my favorite peanut butter crackers. Who does that???? Seriously, there were about 100 cars out there. I don't know where she parked. I don't know how she found my car but she did. By the time I realized it wasn't a mirage, I was pretty overwhelmed. That was the day I knew, THIS is my BEST friend. 

Tia has proven time and time again to be a selfless and sacrificial friend to me and I have learned a lot from her example.  It's one thing to say how you feel about someone but Tia is a doer. She shows love by action and I have always respected that about her. She is reliable to a fault. You never have to ask her twice about something because she really is that dependable. It's so funny to think that when we moved in together years ago that I once thought that there was no way I was going to be more than roommates with this girl. Now I can't imagine the kind of person I would be had I never had met her. 

So to the homiest of homies, happy birthday Tia. You are the epitome of a true friend.

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