Monday, June 17, 2013

You Gon' Learn Today: Joel Kinnaman - Tia

The Killing is back that means one thing: HOLDER!!!!!!

I really enjoy this show for a lot of reasons. It's well written and brilliantly cast. But the realest talk, the reason I never miss an episode, is Joel Kinnaman. He is EVERYTHING!!!! Not one episode goes by that I don't yell, "HOLDER!!!" at the screen.

Holder is dark. He's B-Rabbit with an attitude. He will snatch a kid up if need be. (No for the first episode of Season 3 he snatched up this kid. It shouldn't have been funny but it was.) I love everything about him.

Joel is my boo in my head. I don't care that he's "supposedly" dating Olivia Munn. He was mine first. (I'm aware I sound like a crazy stalker. I'm not...I'M NOT.) But for real though, if they break up, I'm gonna try to get up with him. I've been trying to holler at Joel for two years. I just want to say "Hi" and stuff. That's all...Don't give me that side eye.

Anyway, Joel is currently filming the reboot of RoboCop, and I have a feeling he's about to blow up. Don't get left behind. Trust me, you want to know about Joel NOW. When he's a HUGE star and every one is trying to get on his squad, remember it was BGLU who hipped you first.

Remember that BGLU gave you this:

and this

(I have NO idea what's he's saying. Something about education. And for him, I would learn everything about everything.)

And sometimes this happens:

*sigh* I just...I just can't. 



Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! I feel exactly the way you do.
He's just so, so.... HOLDER!
Love him!

Anonymous said...

Yes ladies..I grew up my entire life in the burbs in predominantly white schools, dated white boys but never slept with one to this day....but baby...Joel is the TRUTH!!!!! Another sexy Swed like my boy Eric on Trur Blood.