Friday, June 21, 2013

The Package - Tia

I wasn't going to go to The Package (insert obligatory eye roll regarding the tour name here) because I couldn't go with Toya. I couldn't make it to the Nashville show because of work and she couldn't come here because it's Thursday and she has a grown-up job she has to be at on Fridays. 

But then this morning I woke up and was like, "It's Donnie and 'em. You HAVE to go." So I bought a ticket and made my way downtown. 

As always, the show was fantastic. I don't care how many times I see them, NKOTB never fails to impress. 

Because I was at the show alone, I was forced to share my thoughts with the Twitterverse and the Book of Faces. The following is my running commentary on the show. And if you're a 98 Degrees fan...I shaded them for almost their entire set. And I'm not sorry. 

Oh and before I get to it, can I just say that they CLEARLY need to re-order the line-up. Seriously, no unneccesary shade to 98 Degrees, but Boyz II Men are OBVIOUSLY bigger stars and better singers. They've had a longer career and have a wider catalog. I watched thousands of mostly white women sing along with Boyz II Men tonight, while a large part of the crowd seemed lost during 98 Degrees' set. I'm honestly not trying to be hateful. But after actually seeing the show, the order of the lineup makes less sense than it did when I first heard about it. 

Okay...on to the commentary. 

- Decided to go to the NKOTB show last minute. What's beyond nosebleed? That's where I'm sitting. 
I'm already embarrassed for 98 Degrees. Boyz II Men is one song in and they're KILLING IT!!! 98 Degrees has to FOLLOW that.
There are GROWN, STRAIGHT men singing along with Boyz II Men. EVERYONE is singing along. It is deafening in here.
YESSS!!! You'd BETTER do the running man during MotownPhilly.
98 Degrees are about to go on. I see A LOT of ppl going to the bathroom. No, seriously...that's happening
I don't know this song 98 Degrees is singing. Is this new? I don't think so...I think I just don't know this song. 
Oh this is pitiful...
Was there not a choreographer available?
I don't feel sorry for 98 Degrees. They should have stepped up their game after the 1st show. They saw what they were up against.
Okay 98 Degrees is finally singing something I know. From back when they were on Motown...*slow blink*
Nick is trying SO hard. Bless...
Seriously, just sing Una Noche and then get off the stage. (This was kind of mean. And someone called me on it. *Kanye Shrug*)
- Nick: "If you know the words sing along." Me: I don't know the words.
They're doing Una Noche so this should be wrapping up soon.
Did that one guy (I don't know anyone's name but Nick) just try to bodyroll??? I'm done.
There is a sistah going IN a few rows away from me. Her boyfriend looks like he wishes he was ANYWHERE but here.
 - Yes JON!!!!
Now THIS is choreography!!!
God wanted me in the nosebleeds. B/c if I was on the floor there ain't a security guard on Earth that could stop me from getting at Donnie.
YOU BETTER SING JOEY!!!! #WelcometoBlockParty
Jordan Knight is a DeBarge. You can't tell me differently
- Jon wanted no part of the the pelvic thrusting. I genuinely respect that. *turns and watches Donnie and Danny*
Not Valentine Girl!!! Danny gets to sing!!!!
- During "Please Don't Go Girl": "Do you have to leave?" NO I DON'T!!!!
I just need Donnie to stop wasting time and be my boyfriend.
Be my boyfriend til the song goes off...? Be my boyfriend until from now on.
Oh Donnie couldn't kiss me like that. Not if he wanted to continue with the show.
I KNOW Jordan didn't just sing Tender Love. Oh Sir...
Do you and the other DeBarge kids practice that during the holidays?
Dear Jordan Knight, I'm perfectly fine with you doing a Prince song. I completely understand why the girl just threw her bra at you.
Y'all better flawlessly execute that Step By Step choreography!!!!
I bet Donnie owns stock in the company that makes his tear away tanks. *Googles tear away tank makers*
Danny just did the windmill. He's 40-something, right? Respect, dude.
Just Soundhounded this "I Don't Care" song that plays during the "Donnie Cam". It's from the show "Girls." No wonder I don't know it. That show gets two thumbs down from me. 
I love it when Jon smiles. 
- Jordan's falsetto is STILL SICK!!! 
- Donnie just said consummate. *giggles* 
- It is amazing watching 12k ppl wave their hands and sing Hangin' Tough #NKOTB
- And finally the BEST thing I heard all night (from the white guy behind me): "Someone is racist and made Boyz II Men go on first because they're black. Because there's NO WAY they should have gone on before 98 Degrees."

And goodnight ladies and gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I was at the show tonight and I was on the floor and did the BIIM meet & greet and we told them that they shouldn't be first. It was a great show, I loved this post!!!!

jksblackbeauty said...

I loved ur commentary!!!! NKOTB always kill the show. Yeah I'm still trying to figure out why Boyz II Men is first

Lei said...

No pics! Can you believe I didn't make it to their show and not sure I can make it next month. They are going to be just a tad too far away. I did stand in the heat to see all of them perform on the Today show. I will be seeing BSB and Jesse McCartney though. Can't wait for that.

Anne Marie said...

Man Boyz II Men KILLED IT!!!! I have never seen them play before and I only got 30 minutes which was bananas. We went to the bathroom during 98 degrees. I was truly embarrased for them. I had to wait in line for the bathroom. I will say though that this may be my last new kids show because I feel there is a cutoff age for taking your shirt off and while these mens still look good, I want to keep them in my mind as they are.

Lei said...

Ann Marie, I am shocked! I am sure Tia or Toya are going to break you down at some point and coerce you to go. As much as I love Donnie, I can see how that is getting kind of old, although everytime I am not mad at it.

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like I was there?? Thanks Tia!!