Friday, June 28, 2013

I. Am. Obsessed. - Black and Sexy TV- Toya

"Black and sexy, baby..."

One of my roommates came downstairs while I was in the middle of a Black and Sexy TV marathon as she heard the tag phrase "Black and sexy, baby" coming from my iPad. "What is that?" she asked chuckling.  It was then that I informed her of my latest obsession since Friends, Hello Cupid, a webseries that is a part of the Youtube Channel Black & Sexy TV.  I started with that one and before I knew it, I was in the kitchen watching every episode of everything.  And!

Started by the filmmakers of It's A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy, comes this web channel that is doing more than changing the game: they've perfected the game and have set their own set of rules.  Black and Sexy TV has about five shows: Hello Cupid, RoomieLoverFriends, That Guy, The Couple, and The Number. My absolute favorite is Hello Cupid; a story about two roommates that take an online dating experiment a bit too far.

As much as I get frustrated with these characters, I absolutely love watching this show.  What I love about so many of the female characters is that they are crazy flawed.  There's no picture of perfection here. They do some absolutely crazy things and I dig that because what woman has not gotten a little crazy when it comes to love? Okay if you haven't please send me the very abridged version of how you've gotten away with that in your life. I need to know.

Issa Rae (I don't need to explain who Issa Rae is on this site anymore do I?)  produces RoomieLoverFriends which I think is so well scripted and well acted.  She is also hilarious on the show The Number.  Another thing that's cool about all of these shows is that somewhere in the season, the characters from some of the shows cross paths in other shows and thus crossing storylines. Brilliant!

You don't have to be black and/or sexy to dig Black and Sexy TV so if you love romantic comedies, I suggest hightailing it to their Youtube Channel and digging into a few of their series. Obviously I am going to recommend Hello Cupid because it's my fave. Oh and let me not forget to mention that the soundtracks for these shows are AWESOME! I want just about every song.

And while I know that everybody and their cousin Skeeter has an IndieGogo/Kickstarter situation happening right now, Black & Sexy TV is currently raising money for production through IndieGoGo. What's different about this is that you can vote monetarily for your favorite shows on their channel so that they can go into production for another season.  The perks are great too as you can get a digital download of their soundtracks as well as digital downloads of their shows. It's a win win so go and vote for great content featuring people of color with your dollars, y'all!

Have you been checking out Black & Sexy TV? If so, what shows are your favorite?  Oh and can anyone please bear witness with me that Cassius' smile on Hello Cupid is what dreams are made of? Good gracious!

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Patricia Scott said...

I will testify that his smile is so darn infectious that when he smiles at her I get all gooey inside. That man looks like he smells good, like essential oils smells good.

I will be over here in the corner calming down.