Thursday, June 20, 2013

Got 'Til It's Gone- Toya

"Nobody cares about your love!!!"

I may or may not have shouted that at The Internets as I scrolled through countless pictures of...well...let's call him (goodness, what aliases do we even have left anymore?) "Dwayne" and his new girlfriend on my timeline. How can I explain Dwayne (rhyming not intentional, I promise):

- Cute. Real cute. even.
- Loves Jesus
- Gifted
- Well liked
- Considerably younger than me (because apparently only 3 people are single and over 36 in Nashville and I'm one of them)
And most importantly...
- Really seemed to dig me at one point

That was until I pulled the ol' "I'm just too busy" cop out on him that I have been doing since Parker Lewis stayed winning. Oh yes. Even in high school I pulled this one. I have been known to cut men off way too quickly and unfortunately to this day only one guy has called me on it and that is a guy who I loved for years after he did. What happened to him? The same thing that's happened to most of them.  He's now married. And we never ever EVER communicate anymore. Moving on.

So why did I do this again? I just...I just kept coming up with so many excuses! I never gave him a chance really. I assumed a lot. This isn't going to work because he's too young or he's going to expect this from me or we don't have this in common and so on and so on.  As much as he asked me out, I just kept finding reasons to say no. I really didn't try. And now?

Doesn't she look pressed?!

So I've come to this conclusion: It's summertime. Summertime is my personal Cuffing Season which I realize is completely opposite of when the official Cuffing Season starts (hey I find warm summer nights romantic.)  Maybe that's why I have regrets. Maybe I made the right decision but just had the wrong reasons again.  Maybe the next time there's a guy interested in me (Lord let it be in this decade) I will imagine him in a picture with another girl on Instagram sharing a pizza first.  Then if that's too much to bear, I can give him a fair shot before I shoot him down with a rundown of my so called busy schedule right between the eyes.  I may actually be able to turn one date into a few dates.  Until then, I will grin, speed past his pics with him and his new boo, and bear it. I will also repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness because The 10 Commandments clearly state that coveting your neighbor's anything is not cute be it their boyfriend, donkey, new iPad mini, whatever. 

So as always, I have a playlist of songs to go along with this little pity party I put my self through.  The lyrics to some of these aren't all entirely relevant but when you are being this irrational why would anything make sense?:

Toya's How To Get Over It Playlist: 

2. "Why Did My Baby Get All Over Me"- Sunni (who says pity parties can't be dance parties as well?)
4. "We Belong Together" Mariah Carey - Because let's face it, sometimes it helps to get a little dramatic about it. If you REALLY want to be ridiculous, throw in "Always Be My Baby"ft. Da Brat and Xscape
5. "She's Not Me"- Madonna- This gives you a good six minutes to be catty.  Don't hate for too long though.  Too much haterade is bad for the skin. 
6. "Why Should I Be Sad"- Britney Spears. This is my jam!  Again, not completely lyrically relevant but this Neptunes produced track is the business. 

And last but not least...  

Because chances are by then, he probably doesn't. Most guys will only take so much rejection.  Sometimes the only thing to do when you've let a good guy go is to chalk it up to a lesson learned and try not to let a good one pass you by without good reason again. 

What songs have you played over and over to help you get over a guy?


Anne Marie said...

You make time for people you care about :-)

Shaamora said...

The entire Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album really helped me when I was trying to get over a guy.