Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend...errr...Tuesday Roundup

Happy Endings is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. I put it up there with Friends. Yeah, it's that serious. So of course, ABC cancelled it. Hopefully USA will pick it up. I feel like it could have a Cougar Town comeback. *crosses fingers, wishes on a star, yanks wishbone in half* (some people eat turkey outside of November) - E!Online

Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy and NO ONE in the media knew. Kim and Beyonce, THIS is how you keep your life private. Take notes.  - CNN

Shannon from Pink Is The New Blog posted her Scandal recap late and I was concerned for her safety. Like, she's never late. I was about to call someone to check on her. - PITNB

Speaking of Scandal, apparently EVERYONE is watching. - EW.com

I have a crush on both Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon so this is good news all around for me. - Mashable

I ADORE the shade that Anna Wintour throws. - Radar Online

Spoilers: How I Met Your Mother is finally going to let us meet the mother. - Us Weekly

The winner of this year's TVnext hackathon was 17-year old, Jennie Lamere. She was the only girl who entered and she kicked butt. You Done Good, Girl. - CNET

People are saying Beyonce is pregnant again. That is so selfish because I have tickets to her Nashville show. Congratulations if it's true. - TMZ

Thank you BuzzFeed for making me feel old. - BuzzFeed

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