Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Backstreet's, for real. - Yahoo!!

Apparently, Miguel tried to decapitate some girl at the Billboard Awards. I see litigation in his future. - Vine

Kelly Rowland might be on X-Factor. (Insert indifferent shoulder shrug here) - TMZ

I was holding my breath for the last minute of Scandal. I really thought Olivia was going to take a bullet in that white jogging suit. But then it was worse when she go snatched up into the limo. Yeah, it was actually worse than her taking a bullet. - Pink Is The New Blog

Justin Beiber got booed at the Billboard Awards and he got a little tender about it. Bless his heart. - Perez Hilton

Someone in Florida won half a billion dollars in the Powerball. I'm calling everyone I know in Florida this morning. - USAToday

David Beckham retired from football (soccer for the rest of us) and he cried. Posh cried. The kids cried. Yeah, pretty much everyone was crying. - NPR

I feel OLD!!! - BuzzFeed

Kanye did this over the weekend. My only problem with this is that he broadcast the unedited version. Just as he has the right to say what he wants, other people also have the right to not have to hear you cursing or dropping the N-word. If I had kids around and this song just started blaring around me and I had NO WAY to shield my child from it, I would be pissed. That aside, though, I think it was a brilliant piece of marketing - Mashable

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