Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Roundup

The only reason I'm not giving this TLC biopic every imaginable side eye is because T-Boz and Chilli are actually involved with the project as consultants and executive producers. And what is that face that Lil' Mama is making? I swear if she messes up this role she should be banned from all things television for life - VH1

Dear BuzzFeed, As a black female who has experienced almost ALL of these, I say a hearty "THANK YOU" for posting this. - BuzzFeed

Saturday was May 4th. May the 4th be with you. If you have someone who understands that last sentence, then these cell cases would probably make a great gift. - GeekSugar

Justin Timberlake is giving fresh music AND more tour dates!!! Yes sir!!! - HuffPo

This is so funny to me. Drunk Joking needs to be a thing. - Mashable

You can sleep around if you want to. But this is what's out there...soooo - CNBC

If you're not watching Scandal then something is wrong with you. If you are watching then you A. Need to be following me on The Twitter so that we can talk about the show in real time when it's on every Thursday and B. You need to read Shannon's review every Friday on Pink Is The New Blog. - PITNB

Apparently, Lauryn Hill is going to jail. - CNN

I feel like the cicadas are doing more than they should. I was just in Tennessee when they made their "glorious" return. And now they're coming to Georgia. Are these things following me? - Yahoo! News

Rihanna's documentary comes on in 2 minutes. I've heard it's a complete snoozefest. I'm still gonna watch it. - Just Jared

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