Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Toya's Random Musings

1. True story: I've taken this pic about ten times because I thought I looked old. Then I said to myself "You'll be 40 next year. Get it together. ". Anyway, I want to confess that I've relaxed my hair. I got a Just for Me kiddie relaxer (I did this often after my first big chop) because my hair just would not dry! It was driving me nuts! Also i wanted my hair to drop and it wasn't going. Why am I confessing this? Because of something @fabglance1 said before I did it: "It's your hair. Do what makes you feel good about YOUR HAIR." So whether you are weaved up, bald, natural or relaxed, don't let anyone hold you to an ideal of what they think you should be. I don't always get weaves and naturals don't always get girls with relaxers. So what? Who cares? Be your own standard of beauty. YOU have to be okay with YOU.

2. I have the weirdest non-existent love life of a love life of anyone I've ever known.  I just...*sigh*  My love life is why I stay away from brown liquor.   Moving on.

3. This Thursday will be the end of Jim and Pam. The end of Pam Beesley alone is taking me through it. Let's not even talk about Jim. Speaking of Jim, watch this and get your entire life!

I remember when Friends went off and all I kept saying was "No more Chandler! No more Chandler!" I have real friends. I promise I do. 

4. And speaking of Thursday, am I the only one that needs a good 30 minutes to recover after Scandal goes off?  Lord help us Thursday!


Kerry Washington said that this week's Scandal finale is so intense that she could barely get the words out at the table reading.  I will be watching this with someone in the room lest I need someone to administer CPR. 

5. When my budget allows, I may or may not pay over $100 just to hear Justin Timberlake perform the ending of "Let the Groove Get In".  That CD has not left my car since the week it came out. 

6.  The Party is back, 98 Degrees has reunited and the Backstreet Boys are going back out on tour.  Still no word on The Jets touring though huh?  Because THAT is when it gets real for me. 

7. Some people are saying that this is fake and I really don't care if it is or not. Real love is singing 80's pop songs together. That's all there is to it. 

8. We are almost half way through the year. Let that sit with you for just a little bit. 

9.  RiRi Woo lipstick vs. Ruby Woo lipstick: I like RiRi Woo much better. I like the formula better because it's smoother. The color is slightly different, not different enough for some but I love it. Rihanna will be getting more of my money when it comes back out. I'm not mad at her.

10.  I haven't finished a book this year but I also have not watched any episodes of Real Housewives of Anything or Love and Hip Hop so I think I'm about even right now. 

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