Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Funny - Tia

I used to teach preschool and my co-teacher and I would have the most absurd conversations with our two-year olds. One of the conversations that will forever stick with me went something like this:

Mac: (while sitting on the potty to poop) Ms. Tia...are you brown...?
Me: (Trying not to crack up laughing) Yes, sweetie. I'm brown.
Mac: (deep in concentration for many reasons) I no brown. (That's exactly how she said it. I NO brown.)
Me: Nope. You're not brown.
After a few minutes of deep thought:
Mac: Is Ms. Joy brown? (Side note: My co-teacher was half Lebanese. She had thick dark curly hair and olive-brown skin. You see the confusion this might cause a two-year from a less than ethnic suburb.)
Me: Ummm...honey, why don't we finish going potty then you can ask Ms. Joy.
Mac: Okay

EVERYDAY was like that. I had more conversation about stars, being brown and a whole array of random things. And if I'd had those same conversations with another adult they would be beyond ludicrous but because I was having them with a toddler, it was perfectly normal.

I think that's why I love this video so much. It reminds me of how awesome and bossy and fantastic and infuriating toddlers are. *sigh* I won't talk about what my uterus is doing to my emotions right now. So just ignore me, watch the video and get your giggle on.

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