Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No...YOU bow down - Tia

Janet Jackson turned 47 last week. Let's start with that..

Janet lit souls, brows and edges on fire back in February when she showed up at the amFar New York Gala looking FIYAH!!! in the dress above. Excuse me...I need to go get my life. Seriously, if this is what 47 is supposed to look like then I need to step up my game like CRAZY!!!

Oh and in case snatching wigs with her fineness wasn't enough, she wants to be a humanitarian too. Sheesh!!

You know why I like Janet, because for the most part she has no cares to give about the rest of us. She's not out there dropping vague, passive aggressive Instagram photos and Twitter messages. When her family drama does sprinkle into the public light she politely ignores the questions and inquiries and let's you know that this ain't about you. Translation: You mind your business and I'll mind mine. And trust and believe, you may think you know Janet, but I firmly believe that we only know what she allows us to know. And we will take that and deal.

In honor of Ms. Jackson if you know what's good for you you're nasty, here are some of my favorite Janet songs. I have far too many favorite Janet songs to list them all here. It would be the longest blog post in history. So these are just the ones that pop into my head as I type. You know you've got hits when people can randomly pull songs from your catalog and still haves tons of other songs to choose from.


No one would ever accuse me of being a dancer. It's just not going to happen. But when I tell you that I  darn near hurt myself learning the choreography from the breakdown, please believe it was real. (I can still do the arm part in the beginning.) This song was just IT. Period.

I Get Lonely (Remix)

I realized the other day when this video came on that the reason I could never receive Rihanna with red hair is because Janet did it so much better.

Confession: when this video came out I colored my hair with red Kool-aid (tropical punch flavor) for weeks. Judge me if you want. But I wasn't the only one and I know some of you readers did it too. It's okay. This is a safe space. You can share.


This is STILL one of my favorite songs of all time. I remember I played it so much my mom asked me if there were any other songs on the album that I liked. Translation: STOP playing this song on repeat every day for hours.

Sorry mom.

Love Will Never Do (Without You)

True Story: I had a poster of Antonio Sabato, Jr. on my wall for YEARS.

I truly believe one of the reasons that I fell so in love with this song was because of the aesthetic of the video. It was just gorgeous. And this was a Janet we hadn't seen before.

This song was the 7th...yes SEVENTH....single off of the Rhythm Nation album. And in the previous six videos Janet was either covered up, in a dark warehouse or looking angry/lovelorn. Then she did a complete 180 and came out with the lighter hair, the abs showing and looking happy as all get out to all hugged up with ASJr. And can you blame her? That man is FINE!!! And let's not forget that Djimon Hounsou also graced us with his beauty. Seriously, how do his face and body just look like that? Delicious is the word that comes to mind.

Pleasure Principle

"Thank you for the ride, nowhere" was and still is one of my favorite lines from a song. 

Janet Jackson dances. You hear me...DANCES!!! Honestly, nothing else needs to be said.

I know we aren't the only ones who love Ms. Jackson. So shout out your favorite Janet song in the comments or via the Twitter.

And since I now have "Pleasure Principle" stuck in my head on a loop, I'm going to grab a coffee and see if I can do that chair fall thing she does in the video. If you don't hear from me, it's because something probably went wrong with it.

P.S. If for some reason you have holes in your Janet catalog, click the links in the video titles to get your purchase/download on. I mean, Rhythm Nation is only $6. Go get your Janet catalog in order.

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