Wednesday, May 8, 2013


*sigh* Y'all know I am team JC all day and twice on the Sabbath. But Justin Timberlake is doing ALL of the right things and I receive it.

I like how he just busted back on the scene with a new album and it was FIYAH!!! I like how he was all, "Yeah, I think I WILL go on tour with Jay-Z this summer." And I especially like how he can go 7 years without dropping an album but when he does release new music it reminds us that JT is not hardly playing when he's in the studio.

The other day I was watching Vh1 Soul and they played "My Love" and I got caught up. After the video went off it was "Justin Timberlake Day" in my house. I went back to "Gone" and played nothing but JT for the next hour or so. (Say what you want, but if the other members from Nsync didn't see that Justin was going to break away and do his own thing when they were recording "Gone" then they just didn't WANT to see.) Justin has hits AND B-sides. I can't really go wrong with a JT song.

After my JT afternoon, I figured I would share my top 5 favorite JT songs in no particular order.

Pusher Love Girl 
I'm not exaggerating when I say that this song is the one I'm most excited about seeing him perform in July. I promise you I listened to this song on repeat for DAYS after this album came out. And he's been performing it a lot lately so I hope there's an official video coming soon.

My Love
Two Words: Justin DANCES!!! He was not playin' in this video. You can say what you want about Justin's voice. (It's good but he's no JC.) But you can't say NOTHIN' about his dance moves.

LoveStoned/I Think She Knows
Sometimes Justin plays too much. Because how is he going to make a hot track like "LoveStoned" and then stick a hot interlude like "I Think She Knows" on the end? He knows good and well those should have been two different songs. I mean, I can understand the reasoning behind putting them together, the first easily blends into the second, however, he could have just as easily given us two separate hot tracks. But whatever...

Let The Groove Get In
This song is the hotness. When I tell you every time I hear it I want to learn to salsa dance, I'm not kidding. But listen...the last two minutes of this song are RIDAMNDICULOUS!!! I have lost count on how many times I have sat in my car, on a plane, in my office and rewound the last two minutes of this song over and over. If ever he should have separated a song it was this one.

I know it is highly unlikely, but I would LOVE it if he made the last two minutes of LTGGI a song of it's own. I mean, it could happen. Coldplay did it with "Life In Technicolor" on Viva la Vida and Prospekt's March. So a girl can always dream.

Let's Take A Ride
I felt like this song was so over looked when Justified came out. It's understandable, though. If I remember correctly, there were only 4 singles released from that album and it was still hugely successful. So he probably had to hit the road immediately to support the record and that's why he didn't release "Let's Take a Ride" as a single. Yeah..that's it. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

(I posted this video because I love watching the process of a song coming together. I also love watching Pharrell trying to hit some of those notes.)

In all honesty, I could probably add another few songs to this list. Justin has HITS. But instead, I'll let you shout out your favorite JT songs in the comments or you can tweet your favorite on The Twitter.

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Christina said...

You picked a lot of my fave JT songs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Pusher Love Girl". That song is FIYAH. I also love "Let The Groove Get In", "My Love", "Lovestoned/I Think That She Knows". You know a song is awesome when John Mayer makes a youtube vid of himself playing the interlude. I still love "Cry Me A River". As you said, JT has HITS.