Friday, May 10, 2013

Fun Music Friday - THE PARTY!!!!!!


Toya sent me a message on Facebook that said, "OMG YES!!!! The Party got back together!!!" My response was, "DAMON PAMPOLINA!!! I LIVE!!!!!" (More on that in a minute.)

Okay what you need to know is that I still have The Party's CD somewhere in this house. (I can't currently put eyes on it because I just moved in and there are still boxes everywhere, but it's here.) That and the MMC CD were two things that I was NOT letting go of regardless of what happened. I used to STAN for The Party before staning (or is it spelled 'stanning') was a thing. And what adolescent girl wouldn't? They had something for everyone. An ethnically mixed group of cute girls and guys who could sing and's all any of us ever wanted to be in the 90s.

I remember racing home from school so that I could watch the MMC. I watched for two reasons: JC Chasez and The Party. Y'all already know how I feel about JC so I won't get into that. But I was equally enamored with The Party. They were the cool kids that I wanted to hang out with. The way they dressed and danced, I literally couldn't get enough. The Party and MMC were the epitome of 90s awesomeness.

So when I found out that The Party was back on the scene my inner middle schooler almost passed out with excitement. And crush on Damon was reignited.

Here's the deal, the only problem I had with The Party was there were too many cute guys to choose from. Albert...*girlie sigh* no one should be that cute AND have a voice like that. Seriously, why did he sound like a grown man at 15? Chasen...again...*girlie sigh* Y'all know how I feel about the red-heads. And he had the most luxurious hair.  I was a little mesmerized by his hair...true story. But MY GAWD that Damon Pampolina was IT for me. He was cute AND funny AND could dance. My 12 year heart could not get enough.

I am 50 shades of excited about new music from The Party. I CAN NOT wait to hear what they're working on. But until the new stuff drops I will continue to scour the YouTube streets for old Party clips. I will sing along to "That's Why" and every other Party song because even after all these years I still remember every word. Y'all, The Party Is Now!!


Patrice said...

You and I are practically twins! I wanted to somehow attach a picture of "The Party" tape I still have....and yes, I still play that sucker. This blog post news may very well be the highlight of my 2013! I lived for MMC (and those 10 min. teen drama films they would show in an MMC episode...Do you know what I'm talkin bout?) and The Party! But I still see one person missing from this reunion...where is she now?...

Lei said...

Patrice: Emarald Cove. Loved that little segment. Couldn't wait for it. I still have The Party's tape Free. And still play it in my car. Part of the reason I don't want to get a newer car, that only plays CDs. What will I do.