Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun Music Friday or Day Late Throwback Thursday - Tia

Oh man...this video is when I fell in love with Adam. That skinny angry man was singing his heart out and I loved it.

I bought Songs About Jane before it sold a bazillion copies. (Yes, I'm proud I was ahead of the curve.) By the time the album blew up I was already on my 2nd copy because I'd worn the 1st one out taking it in and out of the cd player/travel case. It was for real so scratched that it wouldn't play. That's how you know that you have a good album. 

I'm all about artists growing and evolving. But I would love it if Maroon 5 went back to their Songs About Jane roots for their next album. It's not that I haven't loved their later albums, it's just that I haven't loved them as much. 

But regardless of the direction that band goes in, I will continue to be a fan. I will continue to love Adam. And I will continue to rewind the bridge from "Harder To Breathe" video when Adam is angrily singing at the wall because that doesn't stop being hot. 


Nita K. said...

The remix of this with the Cool Kids is my go to song when I am having a moment.

lalaG said...

this is why we are friends... this cd and song is the JAM

Melissa said...

When this CD came out I was working at summer camp. I used to make the kids play musical chairs to this song just so I could hear the song over and over again. LOL!

Jade said...

Wow, I remember singing this song with all my heart back then lol. Maroon 5 and Coldplay was all over the charts during that time.