Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Tia

Okay, so I know people normally post pictures for Throwback Thursday. But I decided to do something a little diffrent. Since I don't have any pictures of Toya and I from back in the day (we've only known each other 10 years or so...wait 13 years...whoa...) I decided to throwback to some music, cartoons, and other things that make me smile from the days of yore.

And rest assured, if I find a picture of Toya and I that is TBT worthy, you guys will be the first to see it.

This may be my favorite Spice Girl songs of all time. 

Realest of real talk, I LOVE the Spice Girls. I mean LOVE them. I still have and listen to all of their cds. I wanted to be a mixture of Mel B and Mel C like nothing else. And I loved how bougie they made Victoria out to be. Or maybe she is that bougie in real life. Who knows?

I still have the Spice World movie on DVD and VHS. I'm honestly not sure why I hold on to the VHS. I don't even have a VCR. But something in me won't let me throw it away. (Side Note: I also have the following on VHS: DC Talk's Free At Last, Breathe's All That Jazz: The Videos, A Christmas Story (still in it's original plastic), the original Star Wars (the ones before George Lucas diddled with them) and DC Talk's Rap, Rock and Soul. I know I sound like I'm 2 steps away from being a hoarder. I don't care.)

I was bummed that I never got to see the Spice Girls live. They're one of those groups that I'll probably always be a little sad about not seeing. But I'll always have the music. COLORS OF THE WORLD!! EVERY BOY AND EVERY GIRL!!!! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Carmen Sandiego

I liked the Carmen Sandiego show and cartoon for several reasons. 
1. I like anything that's entertaining AND makes you learn. That's why Mr. Wizard's World was EVERYTHING to me. Television today is straight RUBBISH compared to what we had back in the day. Seriously...I just read The Kardashian show is on it's 7th or 8th season. REALLY?!?!?! I can't. I just can't. *sigh*

2. Ummm....Carmen could dress. If I could find that red coat and matching hat I would rock them RIGHT NOW. Yes and MA'AM!!
3. Both the live action show and the cartoon had the most FIYAH theme songs. Before there was Glee there was Rockapella. And they sang the mess out of a 5 part harmony song about a girl who stole stuff from all over the world. Thievery had never been so catchy. 

But, can we take a minute to talk about the cartoon theme song? I'm beginning to wonder if I like music too much. I literally get goosebumps when the voices crescendo toward the end of the song. What is that even about? I wish I could download an extended version of this from somewhere. It's ridiculous how much I like it. 

Oh and can we also talk about how I just found out a month ago that the Where on Earth theme song is actually a Mozart song? How was this NEVER brought to my attention? My favorite comment from the Youtube page, "Just think. Carmen Sandiego is so good she managed to steal Mozart's song with almost no one being the wiser ;)" 

You are not a child of the 80s unless you almost sprained your ankle and busted your head open playing with a Skip-It. The commercial made it look so easy but you had to have real coordination to use this thing. And God help you if you didn't jump at the right time. You were headed down to the pavement at an awkward angle. I'm sitting here laughing thinking about some of my failed Skip-It attempts. God bless the children of the 80s. We made it out alive and mostly unscathed. Kids today are wimps compared to us at that age. 

Alright y'all, I hope you've enjoyed this trip (pun intended) down memory. I have to get back to work. Happy Thursday!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Funny - Tia

I used to teach preschool and my co-teacher and I would have the most absurd conversations with our two-year olds. One of the conversations that will forever stick with me went something like this:

Mac: (while sitting on the potty to poop) Ms. Tia...are you brown...?
Me: (Trying not to crack up laughing) Yes, sweetie. I'm brown.
Mac: (deep in concentration for many reasons) I no brown. (That's exactly how she said it. I NO brown.)
Me: Nope. You're not brown.
After a few minutes of deep thought:
Mac: Is Ms. Joy brown? (Side note: My co-teacher was half Lebanese. She had thick dark curly hair and olive-brown skin. You see the confusion this might cause a two-year from a less than ethnic suburb.)
Me: Ummm...honey, why don't we finish going potty then you can ask Ms. Joy.
Mac: Okay

EVERYDAY was like that. I had more conversation about stars, being brown and a whole array of random things. And if I'd had those same conversations with another adult they would be beyond ludicrous but because I was having them with a toddler, it was perfectly normal.

I think that's why I love this video so much. It reminds me of how awesome and bossy and fantastic and infuriating toddlers are. *sigh* I won't talk about what my uterus is doing to my emotions right now. So just ignore me, watch the video and get your giggle on.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun Music Friday or Day Late Throwback Thursday - Tia

Oh man...this video is when I fell in love with Adam. That skinny angry man was singing his heart out and I loved it.

I bought Songs About Jane before it sold a bazillion copies. (Yes, I'm proud I was ahead of the curve.) By the time the album blew up I was already on my 2nd copy because I'd worn the 1st one out taking it in and out of the cd player/travel case. It was for real so scratched that it wouldn't play. That's how you know that you have a good album. 

I'm all about artists growing and evolving. But I would love it if Maroon 5 went back to their Songs About Jane roots for their next album. It's not that I haven't loved their later albums, it's just that I haven't loved them as much. 

But regardless of the direction that band goes in, I will continue to be a fan. I will continue to love Adam. And I will continue to rewind the bridge from "Harder To Breathe" video when Adam is angrily singing at the wall because that doesn't stop being hot. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My shameless love of YA Fiction - Tia

Allegiant - Veronica Roth

I love to read. I always have. I remember being in elementary school and meticulously pouring over the Scholastic Book order form deciding which books I needed and which ones I could live without until the next go round. (Spoiler: I usually needed them all right then.) Most kids looked forward to new video games or ice cream sundae bars in the cafeteria. I was always geeked for the day the books would arrive. 

I loved my books. I was a shy only child for almost 9 years. Awkwardly tall for my age, I liked sports, books, math and science. So you KNOW I was a hit with all of the other elementary school girls. Books were my way of escape. You could usually find me curled up in some corner reading something or other. 

And I treasured my books. No, you can't borrow them. I don't know your life. You might try to write in it. Or *gasp* fold down the corner to hold your page rather than use a bookmark. I can't take that chance. Side note: I wanted to give my little brother away when he wrote on my copy of Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. Which, by the way, I still have, green marker scribble and all. 

I hate to admit it but college kind of got in the way of my leisure reading. I was pre-med for two years and didn't have time to read anything but science books. Then when I switched my major to Psychology I didn't really have to time to read anything but psych lit. Leisure reading was essentially put on hold for 4 years. Even for a while after college, real life seem to have a way of intruding on my reading time. 

But the last few years have been quite different. I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the air. I usually travel for work 2-3 times a week. It's hard. And tiring. And lonely. However, it completely affords me the time to read. And that almost makes it worth it. 

The other day I was archiving some of my eBooks and I realized, for someone who hasn't been a young adult in a VERY long time, I have A LOT of YA fiction. I've never been a huge fan of biographies and memoirs. (Wait, is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a biography?) I can't respect anything about the Harlequin/Romance/50 Shades type books. (I secretly judge anyone I see reading a 50 Shades book.) And while there is some adult fiction out there that I have read and enjoyed, for a while now I've been coming back to the YA stuff. 

Side note again: I know I said I don't really get into memoirs. However, if you have not read Let's Pretend This Never Happened by The Bloggess aka Jenny Lawson, go immediately over to iTunes or Amazon and get it now. I literally almost wet my pants laughing at this box. No, not figuratively, LITERALLY. (I don't like airplane restrooms and I was trying to hold it because we were landing soon.) 

So if you're like me and you're not ashamed to be seen with something labeled as a children's book (or if you have an e-Reader and don't have to worry about anyone seeing what you're reading) here are some books that I've read in the last few months that you may enjoy. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Face of the Day: Kerry Washington

No...YOU bow down - Tia

Janet Jackson turned 47 last week. Let's start with that..

Janet lit souls, brows and edges on fire back in February when she showed up at the amFar New York Gala looking FIYAH!!! in the dress above. Excuse me...I need to go get my life. Seriously, if this is what 47 is supposed to look like then I need to step up my game like CRAZY!!!

Oh and in case snatching wigs with her fineness wasn't enough, she wants to be a humanitarian too. Sheesh!!

You know why I like Janet, because for the most part she has no cares to give about the rest of us. She's not out there dropping vague, passive aggressive Instagram photos and Twitter messages. When her family drama does sprinkle into the public light she politely ignores the questions and inquiries and let's you know that this ain't about you. Translation: You mind your business and I'll mind mine. And trust and believe, you may think you know Janet, but I firmly believe that we only know what she allows us to know. And we will take that and deal.

In honor of Ms. Jackson if you know what's good for you you're nasty, here are some of my favorite Janet songs. I have far too many favorite Janet songs to list them all here. It would be the longest blog post in history. So these are just the ones that pop into my head as I type. You know you've got hits when people can randomly pull songs from your catalog and still haves tons of other songs to choose from.


No one would ever accuse me of being a dancer. It's just not going to happen. But when I tell you that I  darn near hurt myself learning the choreography from the breakdown, please believe it was real. (I can still do the arm part in the beginning.) This song was just IT. Period.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Backstreet's, for real. - Yahoo!!

Apparently, Miguel tried to decapitate some girl at the Billboard Awards. I see litigation in his future. - Vine

Kelly Rowland might be on X-Factor. (Insert indifferent shoulder shrug here) - TMZ

I was holding my breath for the last minute of Scandal. I really thought Olivia was going to take a bullet in that white jogging suit. But then it was worse when she go snatched up into the limo. Yeah, it was actually worse than her taking a bullet. - Pink Is The New Blog

Justin Beiber got booed at the Billboard Awards and he got a little tender about it. Bless his heart. - Perez Hilton

Someone in Florida won half a billion dollars in the Powerball. I'm calling everyone I know in Florida this morning. - USAToday

David Beckham retired from football (soccer for the rest of us) and he cried. Posh cried. The kids cried. Yeah, pretty much everyone was crying. - NPR

I feel OLD!!! - BuzzFeed

Kanye did this over the weekend. My only problem with this is that he broadcast the unedited version. Just as he has the right to say what he wants, other people also have the right to not have to hear you cursing or dropping the N-word. If I had kids around and this song just started blaring around me and I had NO WAY to shield my child from it, I would be pissed. That aside, though, I think it was a brilliant piece of marketing - Mashable

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Almost Human - Tia

This is like a fan girl dream come true for me. 

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you know I am a sci-fi geek.

From Doctor Who to Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI ONLY!!! Those "prequels" could never see the light of day again for all I care.) I'm into it.

I'm also a huge fan of JJ Abrams' work. Though I've never fully forgiven him for the ending of Lost, he still holds a special place in my geek heart for Fringe, Super 8, Cloverfield, and Felicity. (That last one is random, I know, but Abrams produced, wrote for and directed on Felicity.) While that Lost thing will probably forever be a sore spot, his other projects essentially make up for it.  So any time I see his name attached to something I always get excited.

But the pièce de résistance of Almost Human was the cast. God GAWD!! Michael Ealy AND Karl Urban. Yes and AMEN!!

Michael Ealy is just going to stay fine. He's always been fine and he's always gonna be fine. We have talked about this man on numerous occasions. And we're not going to stop now. I was genuinely disappointed when Common Law went off the air. I liked that show. Who wouldn't like watching Michael Ealy every week? So of course I am on board with anything that gives me weekly access to his gorgeousness.

And then there's Karl Urban. Remember when I wrote this...9 years ago? (Wow, we have been blogging a long time.) Yep, I've been down for Karl for quite some time. While I did not love Doom, I've been a fan of pretty much everything else he's been in since he popped up on my radar. I really enjoyed him as Bones in the Star Trek reboot. I always like grumpy, surly characters. And I also enjoy his face, that jaw line and his awesome Kiwi accent...YES PLEASE!!!

This show is everything I believe in. Pretty guys, sci-fi, JJ. Yeah, it's hitting me in all of the right spots. Plus, it fills the gap that Fringe left. (I love you Walter Bishop.) So you know I'll be watching every week.

In case you need a little encouragement (although I'm not sure why you'd need it. Ealy and Urban, people, EALY and URBAN) here's the official trailer for your viewing pleasure. *sigh* They're so pretty.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend...errr...Tuesday Roundup

Happy Endings is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. I put it up there with Friends. Yeah, it's that serious. So of course, ABC cancelled it. Hopefully USA will pick it up. I feel like it could have a Cougar Town comeback. *crosses fingers, wishes on a star, yanks wishbone in half* (some people eat turkey outside of November) - E!Online

Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy and NO ONE in the media knew. Kim and Beyonce, THIS is how you keep your life private. Take notes.  - CNN

Shannon from Pink Is The New Blog posted her Scandal recap late and I was concerned for her safety. Like, she's never late. I was about to call someone to check on her. - PITNB

Speaking of Scandal, apparently EVERYONE is watching. -

I have a crush on both Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon so this is good news all around for me. - Mashable

I ADORE the shade that Anna Wintour throws. - Radar Online

Spoilers: How I Met Your Mother is finally going to let us meet the mother. - Us Weekly

The winner of this year's TVnext hackathon was 17-year old, Jennie Lamere. She was the only girl who entered and she kicked butt. You Done Good, Girl. - CNET

People are saying Beyonce is pregnant again. That is so selfish because I have tickets to her Nashville show. Congratulations if it's true. - TMZ

Thank you BuzzFeed for making me feel old. - BuzzFeed

Toya's Random Musings

1. True story: I've taken this pic about ten times because I thought I looked old. Then I said to myself "You'll be 40 next year. Get it together. ". Anyway, I want to confess that I've relaxed my hair. I got a Just for Me kiddie relaxer (I did this often after my first big chop) because my hair just would not dry! It was driving me nuts! Also i wanted my hair to drop and it wasn't going. Why am I confessing this? Because of something @fabglance1 said before I did it: "It's your hair. Do what makes you feel good about YOUR HAIR." So whether you are weaved up, bald, natural or relaxed, don't let anyone hold you to an ideal of what they think you should be. I don't always get weaves and naturals don't always get girls with relaxers. So what? Who cares? Be your own standard of beauty. YOU have to be okay with YOU.

2. I have the weirdest non-existent love life of a love life of anyone I've ever known.  I just...*sigh*  My love life is why I stay away from brown liquor.   Moving on.

3. This Thursday will be the end of Jim and Pam. The end of Pam Beesley alone is taking me through it. Let's not even talk about Jim. Speaking of Jim, watch this and get your entire life!

I remember when Friends went off and all I kept saying was "No more Chandler! No more Chandler!" I have real friends. I promise I do. 

4. And speaking of Thursday, am I the only one that needs a good 30 minutes to recover after Scandal goes off?  Lord help us Thursday!


Kerry Washington said that this week's Scandal finale is so intense that she could barely get the words out at the table reading.  I will be watching this with someone in the room lest I need someone to administer CPR. 

5. When my budget allows, I may or may not pay over $100 just to hear Justin Timberlake perform the ending of "Let the Groove Get In".  That CD has not left my car since the week it came out. 

6.  The Party is back, 98 Degrees has reunited and the Backstreet Boys are going back out on tour.  Still no word on The Jets touring though huh?  Because THAT is when it gets real for me. 

7. Some people are saying that this is fake and I really don't care if it is or not. Real love is singing 80's pop songs together. That's all there is to it. 

8. We are almost half way through the year. Let that sit with you for just a little bit. 

9.  RiRi Woo lipstick vs. Ruby Woo lipstick: I like RiRi Woo much better. I like the formula better because it's smoother. The color is slightly different, not different enough for some but I love it. Rihanna will be getting more of my money when it comes back out. I'm not mad at her.

10.  I haven't finished a book this year but I also have not watched any episodes of Real Housewives of Anything or Love and Hip Hop so I think I'm about even right now. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fun Music Friday - THE PARTY!!!!!!


Toya sent me a message on Facebook that said, "OMG YES!!!! The Party got back together!!!" My response was, "DAMON PAMPOLINA!!! I LIVE!!!!!" (More on that in a minute.)

Okay what you need to know is that I still have The Party's CD somewhere in this house. (I can't currently put eyes on it because I just moved in and there are still boxes everywhere, but it's here.) That and the MMC CD were two things that I was NOT letting go of regardless of what happened. I used to STAN for The Party before staning (or is it spelled 'stanning') was a thing. And what adolescent girl wouldn't? They had something for everyone. An ethnically mixed group of cute girls and guys who could sing and's all any of us ever wanted to be in the 90s.

I remember racing home from school so that I could watch the MMC. I watched for two reasons: JC Chasez and The Party. Y'all already know how I feel about JC so I won't get into that. But I was equally enamored with The Party. They were the cool kids that I wanted to hang out with. The way they dressed and danced, I literally couldn't get enough. The Party and MMC were the epitome of 90s awesomeness.

So when I found out that The Party was back on the scene my inner middle schooler almost passed out with excitement. And crush on Damon was reignited.

Here's the deal, the only problem I had with The Party was there were too many cute guys to choose from. Albert...*girlie sigh* no one should be that cute AND have a voice like that. Seriously, why did he sound like a grown man at 15? Chasen...again...*girlie sigh* Y'all know how I feel about the red-heads. And he had the most luxurious hair.  I was a little mesmerized by his hair...true story. But MY GAWD that Damon Pampolina was IT for me. He was cute AND funny AND could dance. My 12 year heart could not get enough.

I am 50 shades of excited about new music from The Party. I CAN NOT wait to hear what they're working on. But until the new stuff drops I will continue to scour the YouTube streets for old Party clips. I will sing along to "That's Why" and every other Party song because even after all these years I still remember every word. Y'all, The Party Is Now!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My girl crush: Aisha Tyler - Tia

It's no secret that we love Aisha Tyler over here. We've talked about her for years. In our minds she is the epitome of a BGLU.

But someone recently sent me a link to her response to those who may question whether she's a true gamer (FYI she neither seeks or needs the approval of doubters) and now she is officially my new girl crush. Like, she has pushed Paula Patton out of the top spot.

I love how unapologetic Aisha is. (Can I call you Aisha? In my head we're awesome friends. And friends don't call their friends by their last names. So Aisha it is.) She's funny and sarcastic and not afraid to laugh at herself. She's also gorgeous and statuesque and I secretly want to go get mani/pedis with her.

I liked her before. But after reading this she is now my new #1 homegirl in my head. Now I just need to figure out how to get her to play Tetris with me on Xbox.
(There's some language in this. So if you're sensitive, you've been warned.)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


*sigh* Y'all know I am team JC all day and twice on the Sabbath. But Justin Timberlake is doing ALL of the right things and I receive it.

I like how he just busted back on the scene with a new album and it was FIYAH!!! I like how he was all, "Yeah, I think I WILL go on tour with Jay-Z this summer." And I especially like how he can go 7 years without dropping an album but when he does release new music it reminds us that JT is not hardly playing when he's in the studio.

The other day I was watching Vh1 Soul and they played "My Love" and I got caught up. After the video went off it was "Justin Timberlake Day" in my house. I went back to "Gone" and played nothing but JT for the next hour or so. (Say what you want, but if the other members from Nsync didn't see that Justin was going to break away and do his own thing when they were recording "Gone" then they just didn't WANT to see.) Justin has hits AND B-sides. I can't really go wrong with a JT song.

After my JT afternoon, I figured I would share my top 5 favorite JT songs in no particular order.

Pusher Love Girl 
I'm not exaggerating when I say that this song is the one I'm most excited about seeing him perform in July. I promise you I listened to this song on repeat for DAYS after this album came out. And he's been performing it a lot lately so I hope there's an official video coming soon.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

She's No You - Tia

Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty has always been endearing to me. I remember the last time I was in the UK (which was FAR TOO LONG ago) I saw this ad on the side of a double decker bus:
I immediately loved it. While I felt it was a bit of an oxymoron (be bold with your curves...but buy our product to tighten up your cellulite) I loved that a company would be so brazen with their marketing. I mean, how many ads do you see with women who don't fit into the supermodel category? Very few. So while no company is perfect, I applaud Dove for what they continue to do with the Campaign for Real Beauty.

That said, Dove's latest commercial brought me to tears. If you haven't seen it, take 3 minutes and watch the video above. It's amazing. Part of the reason that I was so moved by what I saw is because I recently had an epiphany that was 30+ years in the making.

My dad used to say, "If you wish in one hand and crap in the other, which one is going to fill up fastest?" Yep...that's my dad. While I understood what he was trying to tell me, I was still irritated whenever he said it. But a few weeks ago I really began to understand the point he was trying to make, and in this case I thought about it in relation to my looks.

I have spent far too many years lamenting the things I didn't have. I always wished I had hair like Chilli from TLC. I always wanted smaller calves. I always wanted to be taller.  And I always wished like hell to be Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody" thin. But the reality is that my hair is so fine that when it's straightened I've been asked on more than one occasion what my nationality, y'all...just black. As far as I know, there's nothing out there that will thicken up hair. And I could run, swim and do HIIT until the cows come how and I'm still not going to have little calves. Thick legs run in my family and I will deal. I have a closet full of 4 inch heels so there's the taller thing. But even if I starved myself I will never, ever, EVER have Aaliyah's body type. (I did one of those body mass/fat calculation things at the gym. They essentially told me even if I had ZERO body fat I would still weigh around 145-150. At 5'9" petite ain't nowhere in my future.)

But even with knowing the realities about my hair, weight and everything else, I would still find myself wishing I had hair like this or that girl; wishing my legs were longer and thinner. Wishing my abs were flatter. Wishing. Coveting. Sometimes even hating.

And then one day, a few weeks ago, I just woke up. I literally opened my eyes and realized that I had the power to set myself free. I realized that I'm unique and what I have is AMAZING. I know it sounds corny but when you truly catch the revelation it is so freeing.

Do I all of a sudden have an inflated sense of self? Absolutely not. But am I learning to appreciate what makes me and my looks uniquely me. Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!!

I say learning because it is a process. Almost every day I have to stop myself from looking envyingly at some girl at the gym who has perfectly sculpted, small calves or some girl in the store who has a beautiful mound of thick wavy hair piled up on her head. When I catch myself gazing at some other girl's 5'11"stature and as my mind readies itself to think the words that for years have tortured me, "I wish..." I literally stop myself in mid-thought and say, "NO!!" I have to constantly remind myself that the reality is that what I've got is what I'm always going to have. And it's not bad. In fact, it's damn good.

I may not have perfect calves but my legs are strong. I may not ever be able to craft a respectable bun of my hair without the help of extensions and/or weave but my hair is healthy and it colors magnificently. What I'm trying to say is every day I have to remind myself that I am truly beautiful and made in the image of God. And NOT in the image of television shows, supermodels or anything else that purports to define beauty.

So as I sit here at the ripe old age of 30ish, I'm finally starting to understand what MY beautiful truly looks like. I'm frankly pretty stoked about it. The freedom to love me is more liberating than I ever imagined. Who'd have thunk it?

Stay Beautiful BGLU!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Roundup

The only reason I'm not giving this TLC biopic every imaginable side eye is because T-Boz and Chilli are actually involved with the project as consultants and executive producers. And what is that face that Lil' Mama is making? I swear if she messes up this role she should be banned from all things television for life - VH1

Dear BuzzFeed, As a black female who has experienced almost ALL of these, I say a hearty "THANK YOU" for posting this. - BuzzFeed

Saturday was May 4th. May the 4th be with you. If you have someone who understands that last sentence, then these cell cases would probably make a great gift. - GeekSugar

Justin Timberlake is giving fresh music AND more tour dates!!! Yes sir!!! - HuffPo

This is so funny to me. Drunk Joking needs to be a thing. - Mashable

You can sleep around if you want to. But this is what's out there...soooo - CNBC

If you're not watching Scandal then something is wrong with you. If you are watching then you A. Need to be following me on The Twitter so that we can talk about the show in real time when it's on every Thursday and B. You need to read Shannon's review every Friday on Pink Is The New Blog. - PITNB

Apparently, Lauryn Hill is going to jail. - CNN

I feel like the cicadas are doing more than they should. I was just in Tennessee when they made their "glorious" return. And now they're coming to Georgia. Are these things following me? - Yahoo! News

Rihanna's documentary comes on in 2 minutes. I've heard it's a complete snoozefest. I'm still gonna watch it. - Just Jared

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You Too Going Cuckoo for RiRiWoo?- Toya

Anybody else at their desk right now on pins and needless until 12PM EST to get the new RiRiWoo lipstick from Rihanna's new makeup collection from MAC Cosmetics?  I am a red matte lipstick FIEND and this looks like everything I believe in!!! I'm not the only one though.  The Internets are going buttnoodles.  I swear between RiRi Woo & a new episode of Scandal coming out today, women all over America are having the most intense day ever.  For more on her collection, click here.

Throwback Thursday


I JUST saw Kris Kross back in February at the SoSo Def 20th Anniversary concert. They opened the show with "Warm It Up" and "Jump" and the whole crowd immediately got super hyped. It was like the 90s all over again.

Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly passed away last night at the far too young age of 34. Early reports say he died from a possible overdose and everything in me hopes that's not true. My heart hopes that with the group poised on the cusp of a comeback, his life was not cut short due to poor choices.

I feel like fame and fortune are a double edged sword. And too often people don't know how to handle them. God help you if all you have in your corner are "Yes Men" who will co-sign on everything you do so that they can ride the wave of celebrity rather than tell you you're coasting/driving/screaming toward disaster.

I'm sure I could sit here and speculate and wax poetic about how his "real friends" would have tried to help him. But truth is, I didn't know Chris Kelly. And I didn't know his life. So rather than be a judgmental, anonymous face on the internet, I'll instead be a fan who is sad for the loss of life and talent, who prays that his family and friends will have the strength to endure this time and I will sit back and play some Kris Kross songs and remember when EVERYONE was trying to wear their pants to the back with a little slack.

UPDATE: I just found a video from So So Def Concert. I am not exaggerating when I tell you the floors were shaking from some people jumping during "Jump."