Thursday, March 21, 2013


It is no secret that I sweat JoJo. If arson weren't a felony, I would burn Blackground Records to ashes for the "contract issues" they have taken this chick through. Yes, I'm a JoJo stan LIKE THAT.

JoJo's mixtape Agape dropped last November and surprise, surprise, (It wasn't a surprise) I loved it from start to finish. But hands down, without hesitation or question, "Andre" was my favorite song. So I was SUPER geeked when I found out she was shooting a video for the song back in January.

I must confess that I was getting a little worried when the video didn't immediately materialize. Yes, I'm impatient. Give me new JoJo music and give it to me now. (Still side-eyeing you Blackground.) So y'all know my day was made when the video popped up in these internet streets today.

All I can say is YAASSSSSSS! Sing Ms. Levesque...SING!!!

JoJo is coming to Nashville in May and I will be calling in sick or whatever I need to do to be at that show. This chick is the business and I will not miss her. I mean, I couldn't call myself a Stan fan if I didn't go.

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Jade said...

I was looking forward to seeing Andre 3000 for some reason lmao. I mean.... Im just saying! Also, I do love Jojo and support her music. "Cant Handle the Truth" is my favorite from her latest project.