Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was busy at work listening to old episodes of Martin on Youtube  when I suddenly remembered what today was: the premiere of  NKOTB's new video for their song "Remix" from their upcoming album 10. It just hit The Interwebs and I must say, it's nice to see them back. As for the song, it's giving me "Covergirl 2013" realness and I'm not exactly mad about that.  I'm sure it'll grow on me soon.  Here's my play by play reaction:

1. Oooh look at this video! This is fancy! Someone got blessed with a nice video budget this go round.The label owed them big time after that "Dirty Dancing" foolery. That video made them look like they lost a bet.

2. Cupcakes! *Gets easily distracted and rewinds to the beginning*

3. *Googles Artemis Pebdani*  I've been meaning to start watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm from New Jersey. I should have been done that.

4. Why yes I am jealous that I’m not the black girl with the pompadour . I can rock the fool out of a pompadour.  Where's my agent? Wait, I don't have one.

5. Has Donnie been lead on a single since "Covergirl"? Okay playa! 

6. Gaaaaah dawg they look good! YES to these suits y'all!  NKOTB and New Edition make the 40's look right!  Is this how it goes down in Boston?  Do Tia and I need to make a trip soon?

7. Did she just throw her own confetti? *Thinks about keeping confetti on hand for random occasions*

8. Yaaaaaaaaaaasssssss Step by Step choreography!  Get it y'all!

9. How long has this girl been in that pool?  It’s night time already.

10. I will not pause on Donnie’s booty, I will not pause on Donnie’s booty, I will not pause on Donnie’s booty, I will not...

Well that was cute!  What do you all think about NKOTB's new video?  


melanie said...


Christina said...

First of all, thanks for this blog post cuz my work computer was not letting me access the original video link. I love this video. NKOTB in those suits are FIYAH!!! I love the concept of this song and the video. And any video where Donnie shakes his booty is alright by me. Will have to watch it a few more times when I get home from work tonight.

ToyaBGLU said...

@Melanie- Right?!

Tila said...

Aaaaaahhhhh I loved it. Awesome description. I thought the same thing on all points. Tila - Houston Tx

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks from all BHs for the praise....there was no Dirty Dancing video.

Do you mean 2 in the Morning, maybe?

Nikki said...

1. Had me at Donnie singing lead.

2. Grown. Man. Swag.

3. Suits. (lawd have mercy.....)

4. Jordan's high notes

5. I am 41 years old and will love them until I die. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous there was a Dirty Dancing video. Be glad you missed it.

ToyaBGLU said...

Child, aint nobody mad at "2 in the Morning"! LOL! Here is the post with the link to the video for "Dirty Dancing" that I am referring to" Before all of our comments got wiped out from our blog, someone told us that this was a part of a movie. Still, it's some foolery.

Yasmin said...

OMG! I love love love this vid. I feel like that girl and just strutting my stuff down the corridor here at work. NKTOB kicking butt as usual.

Lei said...

Donnie's booty should have its own name. That is the best part of his body. Okay moving on. That video made me like the song. It was okay for me to listen to, but now having a visual for it is so much better. Once again loving Donnie breaking it down at the end. And choreography that my boy Jon can follow is always a plus. :)

Megan Cromes said...

nkotb are back and better than ever!love the video!these men are fine as wine!