Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yet ANOTHER open letter to JC Chasez - Tia

Dear JC,

Sir, that side eye that you're kind of giving in the picture above, well, I'm giving you a deluxe version of it as I sit here and type this.


I'm trying not to be mad. I don't know your life. I don't know what you've got going on. So I won't throw too deep of a temper tantrum at the fact that you refuse to put out new music. I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation for why you're not back in the studio. I'll mind my manners.

Let me stop lying...WHY WON'T YOU PUT OUT NEW MUSIC?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Seriously, I have watched that sorority video dozens of times and your vocals still SLAY!!!

Forget what the haters say, anyone with good, functioning hearing, knows that you were the best and most solid voice in N'Sync. I say that with no irony or untoward shade to the other guys. But let's be sang the HELL out of every verse/hook/chorus/bridge you took the lead on.

The European version of "I Drive Myself Crazy" is SICK!!! Your subtle runs before the last chorus are the BUSINESS!! And I still lose it every time I hear you belt out, "Crazy, CRAZY, CRA-ZAY CRAZAY-YEAH!!!" Honestly, your voice is ridamndiculous and I'm tired of missing out on it.

I see Justin "Hollywood" Timberlake decided to take a break from acting and go back into the studio and put out some new music. Good for him. But he's no you. And while I'm sure his new stuff will be fresh and will have the production teams, PR wizards and social media gurus shoving every single, snippet, sneak peak video and live performance down our throats, he will never be able to vocally hold a candle to you. Yes, he can sing. Yes, he can sing well. But he can't SANG. Not like you. You know that kind of voice that just takes you in to where you need to be. That voice that makes you wrinkle your face and try to smell the funk on the vocals. The kind of voice that give you chills when it hits the money note. Yeah...that ain't JT. That's you Boo!!!

Obviously, you're gonna do what you want. But please trust and believe that there are a WHOLE bunch of people out there who would love to see you step back into the booth and deliver a project that's not just flash and glitz, but will show these children in the music game what it really looks like when someone can SANG!!

And if you need someone to have your back, I got you Boo!! Brown girls can be some of the best inspiration.

Kindest Regards,

P.S. You still fine!!!


Kesia D. Monteith said...

If freaking JC Chasez came to my college, I would jump his bones. Like, I would attack him, and he would fear for his life. LOL ;p

Seriously, the man can SANG anything! Certainly better than 75% of music artists today.

Christina said...

So if a bunch of fraternity boys can get JC to come sing to some sorority girls, then why can't we get the hook up. What's the price? I'm sure BGLU can pool our funds and get us a private concert with JC. Then we can all harass him about putting out some new music. I say we need to get on this pronto.

Lei said...

I was just watching him sing (outsing) Matthew Morrison on his tour w/ "This I Promise You". Chills up my spine. I love that song. I will still play it at my wedding. I just remember my friends 12yr old brother asking me to dance to it at her wedding. Good times. I still to this day pump that CD like it was a new release. The ballads are no joke. Have loved JC since MMC

Marta said...

Awesome. I miss JC's voice so much.