Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Hands down BGLU's favorite moment of the Superbowl.  

The Ravens
Beyonce won the Superbowl. - NFL.com

Justin did some of his new songs. No shade, but I'm still team Robin Thicke. But Justin is doing his thing and I respect that. Seriously....no shade. - Lainey Gossip

Keyshia Cole hated on Michelle's Superbowl performance. True Story: I once walked out of a show where Keyshia Cole was the opener for Kanye West. Her singing LITERALLY made me leave. I asked my brother to text me when her set was over. That's all I have to say about that.  - Concrete Loop

Face tattoos are for people who have NO aspirations of doing anything other than...I'll just leave it "anything." Seriously, I hope this is fake.  - Dailymail.co.uk

Chris Brown allegedly got into another fight. I realllllly wish I could have a heart to heart with this kid. - TMZ

I didn't realize that Fall Out Boy even broke up. I just thought they were on a break. Well, glad they're back. And can I just tell you that the "commercial" failure of Patrick Stump's solo project essentially lends weight to my argument that most of the listening populace wouldn't know good music if it walked out of their radio and slapped them in the face. - BuzzFeed

Upside Downton Abbey wins!! - People

When Mellie was yelling about Olivia on Scandal, I IMMEDIATELY thought of Beyonce's "Ring the Alarm." Apparently, so did Shannon. Great minds... - PITNB

I always feel like Facebook is doing juuuust a bit too much. - CNET

Black Girls ROCKED the Super Bowl. - Clutch

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