Monday, February 11, 2013

Recap of the 2013 Grammy Awards

If you notice, I didn't call them the Hot Mess Championships like I normally do.  This year's Grammys was the best show in years!  I was so proud of Nashville at this year's show too as so many Nashvillians received awards.  Check out my play by play. 

-The last person I expected to come out with something that looked darksided was Taylor Swift.  I am a fan for real but this was just dark and awkward.  Bring the cheerleaders back or something.  I can’t deal.

- LL Cool J- *sigh* He really has become my favorite person in recent months. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished in his career. I know his opening remarks may have seemed a little too longwinded for some but I think they were great.  We need to be reminded about the good things about the industry and he did a good job of that.  However in other news, I don’t know what makeup they are using on him but they don’t do his lips justice at all on television.  Anyone else notice that his lips look brown on TV?  Someone mentioned that he may have licked them into another color. See…

- I love the Grammys for these old school/new school collaborations.  It must be awesome for Ed Sheeran to sing with a legend like Elton John. Tonya said that Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” is the most endearing song about a crackhead she has ever heard. I am so done.

- The “I’ll See Your Angelina Leg and Raise You Five Inches” award goes to J Lo’s outfit.  WOW!  Is that half of a bodysuit attached to half of a dress? Well okay then!

- Adele won!!!! I love that she is so surprised. She is so fun to watch.

- I loved Fun.’s performance. The rain was a really neat effect. Quick, someone watch Adele so she doesn't try to set fire to it. *Baddump bump crash*

- Bonnie Raitt and my musical best friend John Mayer are presenting now.  I know people are clowning him for looking like Blueberry Muffin from the Strawberry Shortcake prom collection but I’m just glad to see that he’s doing well since his surgery.

- Miranda Lambert’s pink microphone and matching ear piece are adorable.

- *Looks up at Miranda Lambert’s and Dirk Bentley’s performance* Wait…this is still on?

- They just showed a clip of when LL Cool J was on American Bandstand and he got teary. Sir please don’t make me love you more. I am sure that my feelings for you are already past inappropriate.

- That performance by Miguel and that cat from the Cheetos commercials was KILLER!  Oh that’s Wiz Khalifa. Loved it!

- Carrie Underwood won! Here’s a drinking game to keep you sober: Take a shot every time someone thanks God on the Grammys.

- Tim McGraw. You know what? I am already in trouble with the Lord for talking sideways about one married man on this show (LL) so let me not get into deeper trouble.

- Mumford & Sons just performed and I really like that song. However, if my life hinged on telling them, The Lumineers and The Avett Brothers apart? Well, to be absent from the body…

-They just shot to Sting and his wife Trudie in the audience. Tia and I both applauded because Trudie STAYS winning.

-Why did they play Jay Z’s music when Beyonce’ and Ellen DeGeneres came out?

-Ellen is one of my favorite people on the planet. The way she is playing Beyonce’ while she is trying to introduce Justin Timberlake is HILARIOUS!

-And then it happened:  Justin Timberlake got on stage and let us HAVE IT. As much shade as I have thrown at him in the past, I cannot deny that he KILLED. His band was crazy, the BGV’s featuring Aaron Camper were crazy, it was just….WHOA.  Beyonce and Justin Timberlake back in the same year?  It's going to be bananas. 

-They should have gone directly to commercial after Justin Timberlake’s performance so that I can recover. The second song was so good that I just completely forgave him for that Super Bowl fiasco. As good as it was however, I can’t help thinking WHEN IS D’ANGELO COMING BACK??? *Breathe Toya*

-GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH not this Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire” song again! *Starts singing like Alicia Keys*“This song makes me TIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRED!!!!” Oh but wait. Adam Levine? Let’s watch shall we?

-Okay so basically what has happened is that in putting the song in Adam Levine’s key, we have found the key that Alicia Keys should have been singing it in in the first place?  Can they go back and rearrange some of her other songs then because clearly they are a present help in her time of trouble.

-Kelly Clarkson just got up after hugging a bunch of people to accept her award. That speech was hilarious! Can someone please arrange for us to meet up at Fido downtown next week?  She seems like my kind of people.

-Steve Sudduth to some and Mikky Ekko to others is about to sing "Stay" with Rihanna which he wrote. I just screamed myself hoarse.  Nashville is having the best night ever. Wait. Did Rihanna just sing? Like flawlessly sing?  Get ready Nashville. Artists are going to start flocking here to see what’s in our water.

-Jay Z, The Dream and Frank Ocean are accepting their award for “No Church in the Wild.”  They started to play the cut off music after The Dream’s speech but when Jay Z went to speak, they cut it off. Oh really???? *Kanye voice* “No one man should have all that power!*

-The Black Keys y’all!  If they bring out that dancing man from the “Lonely Boy” video, my entire week will be made and it’s only Sunday night.

-Why is one of the characters from Where the Wild Things Are playing on keys with The Black Keys? What is happening right now?

-Kelly Clarkson is about to sing with just a piano. I am already rocking back and forth like an old church mother. She’s singing “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”!  Sing about them “Wranglers” Kelly!!!!

-While we’re in commercial, I’d just like to mention something: I see a lot of shade towards Chris Brown in my timeline over this Chris Brown/Frank Ocean fight that happened a few weeks ago. Why do people act like they were in the parking lot with them?. Frank Ocean is affiliated with Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Don’t let the sensitive music fool you.  That's about all I have to say and will say about Chris Brown and that entire ordeal.

-Bob Marley tribute: Bruno Mars sure does put on a great show. If it weren’t for the annoyingly repetitive “uhs” in "Locked Out of Heaven", I’d probably like it but they annoy me so much!  But this performance is great. Oh and also…psdjf avopeirmngiobaeorgjasiognasiopnrg[aionra[rgnoirngoian[gnai STING!!!!!!!

-Yes “Walking on the Moon”! Yes!!!!  I love the Marleys! This is awesome!  I would not hate a Rihanna reggae record. I can tell she is feeling this from way down deep.

-The Lumineers are giving me Dexy and The Midnight Runners realness right now and I am loving it!  If they break out into “Come On Eileen” I will be no more good.

-Jack White, another Nashville resident, is on….with Ruby Amanfu!!! Represent Nashville!!!! My girl!!!!

-Ladies and gentleman, Katy Perry….and ‘em.  I aint mad atcha Katie!

-Fun. just won for Best New Artist. They’ve been a band for 12 years. Turn to your neighbor and say “Seasons".

-Hunter Hayes is singing his sweet “I want to make you feel wanted” song. I would go into my rant about what the current state of R&B could learn from country music right now but I am trying to have a pleasant evening.

-This projection screen dress that Carrie Underwood has on is interesting. We are wondering what Mariah Carey has to say about her use of butterflies. Speaking of Mariah, does she even show up for award shows anymore?

-Prince….Prince….Prince.*Gets back up off of the floor* Gotye just won for This generation's "Don't You Want Me Baby" AKA "Someone That I Used to Know".  How cool must it be to receive an award presented by Prince?! Take note though: Let it be said and forever written that you don’t touch Prince. Gotye tried it. Gotye failed. Glad he won though!

-They are now doing the video montage of people we lost in 2012. I can’t take it. Every time someone I love comes up I yell “nope!”  Donna Summer “Nope!”.  Adam Yauch “Nope!”

-This Levon Helm tribute is the business!  Elton John is churchin’ us on the keys.  Can I please get a  Mavis Staples/Alabama Shakes collaboration soon? I love Brittany Howard!

-Mother Mavis caught the Holy Ghost Hiccups at the end of that performance and I’m sorry…I was rollin’!

-Why are we paying tribute to Elton John after paying tribute to people who have passed away? He is still with us. He just left the stage!

-And then…the Frank Ocean performance: I know he is singing “Forrest Gump” but his outfit and the avant gardeness of his set is giving me Royal Tennenbaums realness.  This is the thing: I honestly didn’t notice how off key he was because I have chalked him up to being quirky. Usually people that are quirky singer songwriters, I give a pass to. I loved the visuals. I thought the stage set up was really cool. And since I really do not have much to say in regards to the performance, I will just share what I felt was my favorite Tweet of Shade of the entire evening from my friend Meredith:             

“Why are they showing an SNL skit at the end of the Grammys?”

-Brandon already warned me that Travis Barker and LL Cool J would be performing on the same stage. I still wasn’t ready. And Chuck D?  I love this!  I know they youngin’s are bored but imagine how I feel trying to watch The Source Awards…with Rick Ross..with no shirt on. How on earth did I get to that visual? Make it go away!

Best show in years!!!  There's been talk of the Grammys coming to Nashville next year. With all of our wins this year, that would be amazing! We shall see.  What did you all think of the show?


Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the Grammy's this year. The best part to me was the Bob Marley tribute (although I did wonder when they'd get to the tribute part lol) but it was awesome.
I'd hoped that Taylor Swift would perform "Trouble" instead but... she was cool.
It was so cool that Kimbra & Goyte were super excited to be presented their award by Prince. Loved their reaction.

I don't like how they didn't have any gospel representation nor did they mention Inez Andrews (The Caravans) in their "In Memoriam" segment.

Other than that... good show. Enjoyed your write up.

Lei said...

Thought I was the only one that has a "thing" for Tim McGraw in a hat-repeat-only in a hat.