Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet My New Life Coach: Soulpancake's Kid President

Facebook is not hardly short on people posting video clips but once in a while you click on a gem that absolutely makes your day such as I did about a week ago. If you are not one of the 7 million plus people who have been schooled and delighted by Kid President's pep talk from Soulpancake's Youtube channel, then please do yourself a favor: Watch this and get your life!

It was all fun and games until Kid President hit me with that "What will you be your Space Jam?"  I almost burst into tears!  That's the question of the hour isn't it?  What exactly are you going to do with your life that not only brings you joy but makes a difference in the world?  What a profound statement from a 9 year old kid from Tennessee huh? Here's another video that'll make you sit up straight and strive to be "gooder".

You know he had me at point 14, right?  I tell you if this kid stays on the right track, he will definitely have my vote in 2028.  For more on Kid President, check out his website where he has even more awesome things to say as well as interviews with Josh Groban, Andrew WK and the creator of Soulpancake, actor Rainn Wilson.

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