Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Something We Can Get Behind: The Cast of Awkward Black Girl Do The Harlem Shake for Real

I have been waiting to crack at least one smile or giggle at these Harlem Shake videos that have been all up and down my timeline and I just can't get behind it. First of all, how do you call something The Harlem Shake and not one person in the video is even doing The Harlem Shake??? How am I expected to get behind that?!

But lo and behold, here comes Issa Rae and the cast members of Awkward Black Girl to set the record straight on how this whole Harlem Shake phenomenon should have gone down in the first place. Let's discuss shall we?

1. Sister Mary is giving me Oaktown 357 realness on top of that table and I live!
2. Darrius...better...WERQ!
3. Issa Rae's face while doing The Bankhead Bounce has reminded me that it is pretty much impossible to do that dance without looking completely serious.
4. Jesus doing The Macarena? I can't.
5. Pattie doing The Butterfly with those nasty tissues in her hand is what I needed to see in these last and evil days.  Or was that The Tootsie Roll? They're so similar!
6. Did White J pull the short straw? What in the world does he have on??? Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!
7. Were you able to name all of the 90's dances represented in this video?
8. Umm...where's Fred?

Awkward Black Girl's last episode of the season airs this Thursday on

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