Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Music: Jessie Ware "Sweet Talk"

Seriously, who's adorable child is this? I can't take it.
Those sidebar video recommendations on Youtube can either be the devil or a gateway to discovering some really great music.  Fortunately for me this time, the rabbit hole I went down last week led me to this new video by Jessie Ware's and not a half hour wasted watching people's grandmoms dance to 2 Chainz. 

I tend to read more about new music than I listen to it so I've been familiar with Jessie Ware for a little bit but had never heard her music before this. She hit me where I live with this joint.  If I had to describe it I'd describe it as a mid-80's R&B cut that is giving me Lisa Stansfield meets Groove Theory realness. I love pretty much anything that has that recipe.

This is her latest video "Sweet Talk" from her debut album Devotion which is out now.  Have you heard of Jessie Ware? Are you feeling her?  And finally, good grief how cute are those kids?!

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