Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday LL!

I'd like to make everyone aware that the finest man alive, LL Cool J, is 45 years old today.

Let me repeat that.  LL...

Cool J...


Okay the last picture may be a few years old but he still pretty much looks like that. Y'all know LL maintains.

Somebody give God a hand praise for his wondrous works and the marvelous thing he did 45 years ago today! My soul does delight! All crushing aside, LL has accomplished so much from Krush Groove to the Grammys, from In the House to the big screen. He has really shown us that no matter your small beginnings, if you work hard, you can do anything you set your mind to, still stay true to yourself and be a super nice guy.

What you thought y'all weren't going to see this picture again? Shoooooooot, if he wasn't married this would've been my Christmas card last year. Story here if you missed how this happened.

Get your jinglin' on with this throwback to one of my favorite party jams of all time and his brand new video for "Take It" ft. Joe. Happy Birthday Mr. Smith.

"Jingling Baby"

"Take It" ft. Joe

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