Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Kenny Loggins!!

Toya and I often refer to Kenny Loggins as "The Man Who Sings The Hits." Say what you will, the man has HITS. (And when he sings "This Is It" I often change the lyrics to "I sing hits.")

BGLU once had a chance to meet TMWSTH. That is a whole other story for another time. But just know that there is a reason that Kenny usually doesn't do "Love Will Follow" in concert.

In honor of TMWSTH's birthday, here are my top 3 favorite Kenny Loggins' songs in no particular order.

This video used to haunt me when I was little. To this day I still can't put my finger on why. Maybe it was the little kid running around alone in the dark...I can't call it. But regardless of the video, I LOVED this song. Even before I fully understood what BGV's were, I knew the ones on this song were SICK. I recorded it off of the radio and replayed this song so much the tape warped. You couldn't tell 6-year-old me that this song wasn't the business. I would have none of that.

Oh and this live version with the other man who sings the hits, Michael McDonald, WILL. NEVER. GET. OLD!!!

THIS JOINT RIGHT HERE!!!!! I will never forget the day Toya hipped me to this song. I don't know how I'd never heard it before that point. But I could never look at Kenny the same after "Love Will Follow" came into my life. This is some Quiet Storm, Smooth Jazz, drink a glass of white wine in your finest linens with candles burning music right here. If it comes on while my iPod is on shuffle, I just let it have me for 7 minutes and 14 seconds. I won't fight a Quiet Storm moment in the middle of my day.

One of my biggest disappointments with the movie Footloose is that this song wasn't in it more. I think it plays less than a minute during the scene when they're on motorbikes going to decorate the barn for the dance. (Yes, I watched Footloose that many times.)

This song is so underground. Toya was the first person I'd ever met who even knew about it. I give anyone a side eye who claims to be a Kenny Loggins fan but doesn't know "I'm Free." (And if you say you're favorite KL song is "Footloose" you can go over there and have several seats. I'm not here for you.)

And this song will preach if you let it:
Heaven helps the man who fights his fears.
YESSSSSS Kenny!!!!!

Well...this post has inspired a full on Kenny Loggins listening party. I'll be spending my evening creating and listening to the "TMWSTH" playlist. Happy Birthday Mr. Loggins. And if you ever need a set list, please give BGLU a call.

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ATL Flick Chick said...

Celebrate Me Home is the jam. Now I know I'm not the only black girl with Kenny Loggins' greatest hits.