Thursday, January 31, 2013

CAN WE TALK? The Package Tour Starring New Kids on the Block with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men

By now we are sure you've heard about the upcoming NKOTB tour with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees called The Package Tour.   Of course the very opinionated women of BGLU have more than enough to say about this here.  So without further ado, let the commentary with a side of shade begin. 

Tia's Take

I mean...I guess if that's how they want to do it...

I really don't know where to begin without sounding like a hater. So if you feel the need to label me as such, so be it.

We all know that BGLU gets down for NKOTB. We clown Donnie and 'em sometimes but if given the opportunity, I would act 50 shades of wrong if left unattended with Donnie E. Walhberg, Jr. So going to see them in concert is pretty much a given. But my desire to go to The Package tour...hold on...REALLY...THE PACKAGE. First the penis stage, now this...y'all just don't want to be right. That's fine. At least I know....anyway...I was truly geeked when I heard that Boyz II Men would be out with The Block this summer. That is until I found out B2M (I'm lazy...typing out Boyz II Men every time is NOT happening) were the openers...for 98 Degrees!!! does that even work?

When Toya told me that B2M were opening, I was genuinely confused. No shade to 98 Degrees (it's shade) but they had like 2 hits. I sat for 3 full minutes trying to remember anything they sang beyond "Una Noche" and "I Do." And the only reason I remembered the latter is because Screech from Saved By The Bell was in the video. How does the most successful R&B group OF ALL TIME open for a group that had a handful of hits? Whose idea was that?!?!

Again, not to shade 98 Degrees (again, it's totally shade) I finally gave up trying to remember what they sang and headed over to Wikipedia. Some of the singles listed sparked vague recollections, but that was about it. For giggles I headed over to B2M's Wiki page. They have so many singles, their discography is on a separate page. But you know...they're the openers. 

I will admit that I liked Nick Lachey's single "What's Left of Me." But that's because I enjoy a "broken man" ballad a little more than I should. But aside from that, 98 Degrees has NO BUSINESS going on AFTER Boyz II Men. (I'm so upset I typed out their whole name.) 

I won't sit here and say I'm not going to the show out of protest. That would just be a boldfaced lie. I'm going. But I'm going for all of the wrong reasons: 

1. I never give up on the dream of making out with Donnie Wahlberg at least once in my life. So I continue to go to the shows with that goal in mind. 
2. I recently saw B2M with the Nashville Symphony. They were amazing. And Wanya has the spirit of Bobby Brown (read: extraness) real bad. They're going to go over their time as the "openers" guaranteed. I want to be there for that. 
3. 98 Degrees haven't toured since the early 2000s. I'm predicting their first performances will be train-wreckish and I REALLY want to be there for that. 

The Package tour can do as they please. I'm certain it will make a gazillion dollars. I mean, I find it egregious that one of the most successful groups of all time has to open for a group most of us can't name all of the members of. But I'm still going. 

And even though I make this face every time I think of the order of the lineup or say the name of the tour...
I really do wish them all the best. Nick has that baby to feed. And I'm sure those other three dudes, whose names I don't know, have bills to pay as well. So, you know, Good Luck. Don't let my hateration stand in your way.
Toya's Take

"Just tell me that Boyz II Men aren't opening so I can be remotely happy about this."

5 minutes later

"What the *flith flarn filth flarn filth*???? Are you KIDDING ME?!"

That is all I wanted to know about when this tour was announced. Who is opening. Surely Boyz II Men weren't going on first. Not before 98 Degrees. Surely!  Perhaps I should explain first where I stand with 98 Degrees so you can get an idea on why I almost stripped myself naked and put on sackcloth and ashes when I found out that Boyz II Men are indeed the openers on this tour.
  • 98 Degrees pretty much missed me when they came out. The only song I know and like of theirs is "Una Noche".  Unless they open their set with "Una Noche", close with "Una Noche" and encore with "Una Noche", I will have no clue as what to do when they sing their other hits.  All 2 of them.
  • Are you telling me that Boyz II Men, who have hits on top of hits, are going to get less stage time than 98 Degrees?  How is this even possible??? Even if I were a 98 Degrees fan, how on earth do you justify Boyz II Men, the greatest selling R&B group of all time, opening for them? The only thing that I come up with is that they wanted a really great and energetic opener. Okay fine. I'll take that. Perhaps they think that this will be a great buildup for die hard 98 Degrees fans to sit through in anticipation of them hitting the stage for the first time in over 10 years. Perhaps. But if you were 98 Degrees, would you want to go on after Boyz II Men?  After WANYA?  "I sing folks under the table and make them wish they would've never touched a mic in the first place" Wanya?  At first I felt bad for talking so bad about 98 Degrees but why would you even agree to something like that? 
  • Finally, 98 Degrees can't and don't dance.  You mean to tell me that I have to sit through Nick Lachey and three other guys I can't tell from the Beach Boys two-step for about 45 minutes while I wait for NKOTB? I mean...I'm sure they are all cool dudes and all but...  *Sigh* I'm not saying that putting 98 Degrees on this tour is not a smart business move. It's brilliant. But personally I can name about three other acts off the top of my head that I would rather see in their place:
                                                               1) The Jets

2) The Party

3) Zack Attack

I pretty much had decided that I wasn't going to this show even if it was for free because I was so mad. But then I pulled up an article on it and was reminded that NKOTB look like this:


      So perhaps for free I'd go. But you best believe that if I do and 98 Degrees get more stage time than Boyz II Men, Tia and I will be throwing so much shade at 98 Degrees that they will have to change their name on the marquee to 85 Degrees. 


      Christine said...

      I almost don't even want to leave a comment so at the bottom it can just stay saying "No comments:"

      OH MY GAHHH I just GUFFAWED when I saw that freakin' Zack attack picture.

      This is one of those egregious decisions that I'm okay with, b/c the audience will correct this error themselves night after night, either with a "Boyz II Men" encore chant immediately after they exit (or better yet, while 98 degrees is coming on), or with a mass exodus to the nacho counter after they leave. 45 minute wait for a hot dog? It's cool, we got time.

      Kristi M Nobers said...


      Kira said...

      I totally agree. Maybe because 80% of NKOTB fans are not BGLU they thought 98 degrees would have a better reception from the audience, that's the only thing that would make sense to me. That being said nothing could keep me from being there cause I love me some New Kids.

      Christina said...

      I just have a few comments. 98 Degrees did perform at the Mixtape Festival last August which was officially their 1st comeback performance. So they're not as rusty at performing as ya'll think. I saw their performance which was the first time that I aw them live and they were awesome. Acapella vocals and all after not performing together for 10-11 yrs.

      I actually really like 98 Degrees. I have all of their albums. I agree that Boyz II Men have more hits but 98 Degrees can actually sing too.

      I think they chose this order for the lineup because a lot of NKOTB fans are not R&B fans. I've learned this from the millions of "what song is this? I've never heard it" tweets during Donnie's R&B backrub radio show. So I think they were trying to place the 2 pop acts closer together. But Donnie and Rob (musical director) are known for changing things up during a tour if it's not working. So we might see a lineup flip along the way if the crowd demands it.

      I've already decided that I'm going to 4 shows of the Package tour. I will never pass up the opportunity to see NKOTB.

      Christina said...

      A couple more comments and then I'm done. I saw an interview for the Package tour yesterday and the guys said that this would be Boyz II Men's 1st arena tour. So I'm sure that played a roll in the lineup. I was actually surprised to hear that they hadn't done an arena tour yet.

      And to give NKOTB credit, they are known for doing things differently and following their own rules. So I wouldn't be surprised if Boy II Men and 98 Degrees have the same amount of stage/performance time.

      The NKOTBSB tour was one of the best concerts that I've ever seen. So I'm really looking forward to the Package tour.

      ToyaBGLU said...

      Their first arena tour? That can't be true because the first time I saw them was in an arena. It was them, TLC, and I forget who else. I know they've done arena tours before. They also did arenas with Brandy back in the day.

      If Boyz II Men have as much or more (and more would make more sense)stage time as 98 Degrees, then I can halfheartedly get behind them opening the show. They just put on a better show and I know this because I've seen them recently. We shall see. Thanks for your insight Christina!

      Lei said...

      Well I can say I did see 98 Degrees in concert. It was actually when Jessica Simpson opened for them and no one knew who she was. They actually weren't that bad and I have I think 2 or 3 of their albums (cassette tapes). Do I want to see them now, not really, especially not opening for Boyz. The only way it would work is if the concert was like 6hrs long. I am not going to lie, I am sure when they hit the stage all the songs will come back to me and I will be singing along w/ all of their songs and getting the "shocked" eye from a middle age white woman like I did at the NKOTBSB concert when she realized I knew every single song from both groups. :)

      Anne Marie said...

      I wouldn't just clasify B2M as just R&B songs which puts them first in the lineup. Every single song of theirs was on pop radio. They did a summer "shed tour" for their motown record which was outdoor amphitheaters so I know they have played arenas in the cities that did not have sheds. I am annoyed they are on first, I will be hitting the nacho line during 98 degrees.

      Anonymous said...

      They put B2M first because if 98 degress was first people would show up late. 98 degress can't have that big of a following. Maybe B2M agreed to this because they are doing their residency and this tour is only a little over two months long. I really wish that they were not opening the show because they have numerous songs I want to hear. Also, another reason B2M is going to be the opening at is because out of the three groups they are the only one that doesn't have new music out this year. NKOTB's album comes out in April and 98 degrees have been working on new music that I'm sure will be out by the tour.

      Becca Blossoms said...

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      Anonymous said...

      I know this is a really old post but just wanted to comment. I have no idea why B2M went before 98 Degrees but it does make commercial sense.

      They need to have a decent opening act to keep the audience enticed and entertained. Also, if 98 Degrees opened, they know most people would turn up to the show late.

      First and last impressions count and that is how it will be remembered. How it opened and how it ended i.e. B2M begin, NKOTB end and no one really cares what happens in the middle.