Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I'm not mad at this Old Navy Christmas ad with Jordan Knight. I have a lot of questions. But I'm not mad.

Jordan Davis was killed because someone with a short fuse had access to a gun. You can't tell me otherwise. You don't like that someone is playing their music loud...TOO BAD. You're at the gas station a grand total of 5-10 minutes TOPS. You deal with the loud music like ALL of us have at some point while filling up AND THEN YOU LEAVE. This man had NO business even getting out of his car in the first place.

I'm SO SICK of Florida I don't know what to do. - Orlando Sentinel

Joe Jackson had a stroke. - HuffPo

Number 15 NEVER stops being funny to me. - BuzzFeed

Katt Williams is on some next level stuff. I hope he gets the help he needs. - TMZ

Three of my friends shared this on Facebook. I'm no cynic but COME ON....Let's not be gullible just for the sake of being gullible. - Mashable

This is my new theme song until further notice.

Why does Mel B always look so GOOD? - Essence

Kerry Washington SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN in this dress on last week's Scandal. I mean,'s not fair.

And speaking of Scandal, who shot President Fitz on his birthday? That's foul. And I KNOW Mellie had a hand in this somehow. - PITNB

Often when the NYPD is in the news it's not for anything good. Glad to see a story like this. - ABCNews

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