Sunday, December 23, 2012

Never Give Up - Tia

No one in their right mind would argue against David Beckham's hotness. The hair. The tattoos. The muscles. The man is HOT!! FINE!! DELICIOUS!! whatever....He is all of the above.

But today DB is my motivator. Why? Because he's shown me ANYONE can overcome their awkward youth and continue to upgrade their hotness. So thank you David for showing us that you can go from this:

to this: 

I mean, they projected pictures of you in your undies on the White Cliffs of Dover. You KNOW you're fine when they shine pictures of you in your drawers on national landmarks. 

So thank you, David. Thank you for reminding me that every kickboxing class I attend, every mile I run, every facial scrub I do, every liter of water I drink is worth it because the upgrade of sexy is a life long endeavor. Thank you for your wisdom, kind sir. 

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Patrice said...

This was absolutely perfect.