Saturday, December 15, 2012

Behind the Smiles - Tia

The older I get the more I vacillate between REALLY wanting kids to the point I think about stealing my niece and running away to Brazil and NOT EVER EVER EVER wanting a child and giving my uterus up for adoption.

After hearing about the tragedy in Connecticut I couldn't imagine having to deal with never seeing the face of my mini-me again on Earth. I was not handling it well and what happened didn't even directly affect me or anyone I knew. I shut off my phone and shut out the world for a while.

This morning, I found this video on my friend's Facebook page when I returned to the world. It moved me to tears. It reminded me that we need to love those around us each and every day. We should never take for granted where someone is mentally. People are hurting and we sometimes get so wrapped up in our own faux problems and selfish ambitions, that we miss what's really going on. Someone could be on the verge of doing something drastic and we don't notice because we're too busy complaining about Starbucks not discounting soy milk with the Gold Card anymore.

We have to LOVE people. It's often the only thing that makes sense

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Christina said...

WOW, that video is so powerful. Why you gotta make a sista cry? Seriously, I have thought about killing myself in the past. Medical school got so tough that I jumped in my car once and contemplated driving off of a bridge. My older sister has attempted suicide several times. To this day, when she gets depressed, I worry that she will try again.