Thursday, December 20, 2012

(Almost the) Weekend Roundup

Since I haven't done a Weekend Roundup in two weeks AND I'm off of work until 2013, I figured I would go ahead and get a jump on this week's WR. 

Seriously, how can you not love this picture? - Yahoo!

I'm going to pretend I'm okay with Michael Ealy being married. *sniffle* - People

But I am not okay with JUST NOW finding out that Common Law was canceled via the above article. I really liked that show. They're so pretty and were fun to watch. - TV Line

I want to friend anyone who had a hand in attacking those Westboro jerks. - HuffPo

I completely forgot about the world ending tomorrow. I worked out and ate healthy today for nothing. I could have slept in and ate cake. - Mashable

I (not so) secretly love a hot mess. - TMZ

This was beautiful.

I'm about two seconds from picketing Blackground Records morning, noon and night to help JoJo get out of that insane contract she signed when she was TWELVE YEARS OLD!!! Her new mixtape is going to make me get all revolutionary and such. - JoJo's Tumblr

Dear The Philippines,
Filipino Beliebers will burn your country to ashes if you ban Beiber from coming there just because he has jokes. I'm just saying...
You've been warned, now have several seats - That Grape Juice


BSB and The Roots for the win. - PITNB

POTUS is Time's Person of the Year. - Time 

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